Engineering Elegance: Navigating High End Projects in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top five engineering startup hubs in the world, and for good reason. The city’s mild climate, high salaries, and massive defensive industry make it a natural choice for top engineers. There is plenty of wealth, which means plenty of individuals and organizations willing to shell out big bucks for… Read more »

Unlocking Career Potential: How IT Candidates Benefit from Contract Roles During Transitions

There comes a point in many IT professionals’ careers where they approach a crossroads: whether to embrace the flexibility of contract roles or commit to a traditional, permanent position. The decision-making process can be challenging, and at PEAK Technical, we understand the intricacies of the IT landscape. We also know that there are benefits to… Read more »

Architecting Excellence: Elevating Engineering Standards in Detroit

The city of Detroit was long known as the centerpiece of the auto manufacturing industry. But by the late 20th century, automakers had moved on, and Detroit became a symbol of urban decay. All that changed in the 2010s, though. Massive investments in infrastructure rebranded the city once again, this time as a hub for… Read more »

Enhance Recruitment Success Through Candidate Journey Mapping

Are you struggling to keep your software team full? In today’s tight labor market, you are not alone. To take your recruitment process to the next level, consider implementing a technique known as candidate journey mapping. Here’s what you need to know. What Is Candidate Journey Mapping? In a nutshell, a candidate journey map is… Read more »

Make Feedback a Win-Win!

Many people have a negative perception of feedback. You might feel like it’s personal or worry that it means you’re doing something “wrong.” At a good company, though, feedback is actually highly beneficial. Without it, you may persist with ineffective habits, lack avenues to share innovative solutions, or feel your manager isn’t invested in your… Read more »

City Lights, Engineering Heights: Using Chicago to Attract Top Engineers

Chicago has rapidly gained a well-deserved reputation as a significant player in the tech industry, particularly after the recent opening of the 1871 innovation hub. But this also means that there is stiff competition to attract top engineers. You may need to look further afield to keep your teams fully staffed. Fortunately, the city of… Read more »

Why is Retaining Talent a Priority for Tech Companies?

For a technology company, finding talented people can be a challenge. But it’s only half the battle. It’s also vital that your company retain that talent – and keeping great people around can be easier said than done in today’s market.   The constant evolution of technology and the high demand for skilled professionals have… Read more »

Connecting with Engineers: How to Attract Top Talent in San Antonio and How PEAK can Help!

San Antonio has developed a well-earned reputation as an engineering hub, especially for the energy sector. Engineers at every stage of their career are drawn to the city for its job opportunities, relatively low cost of living, and strong cultural vibe. But there is a lot of competition for top talent. To hire the best… Read more »

Maintaining the Spark: Strategies to Prevent Burnout in Software Engineers

Burnout is all too common among software engineers. These professionals work extremely hard, and the hours can be extended. But burned-out employees can’t perform at their best. They’re more prone to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as physical ailments such as headaches and stomach disorders. Eventually, they may decide to… Read more »

Engineering the Perfect Resume: Strategies for High-End Career Advancement

Your resume is your ticket to the high-end engineering role you have always wanted. It serves as your calling card, introducing you to potential employers. But you have just seconds to make a great first impression. And you’ll need to make sure your resume can get through an automated screener before a human ever lays… Read more »

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