City Lights, Engineering Heights: Using Chicago to Attract Top Engineers

Chicago has rapidly gained a well-deserved reputation as a significant player in the tech industry, particularly after the recent opening of the 1871 innovation hub. But this also means that there is stiff competition to attract top engineers. You may need to look further afield to keep your teams fully staffed. Fortunately, the city of Chicago has plenty to offer engineers who may be thinking about relocating. Here are a few things to emphasize.


Chicago is a foodie’s paradise. Engineers will never lack dining options, from local hole-in-the-wall places to Michelin-starred restaurants. And if they want to grab a drink after work, your team members can choose between dedicated gin joints, rooftop bars, and more.


Engineers looking to indulge their more artistic side will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. From outdoor concerts to Broadway touring shows, not to mention the famous Second City improv, there’s no shortage of entertainment all over town.

Free Events

The best things in life are free, right? Chicago’s calendar is packed year-round with free events, from neighborhood block parties to the Chicago Jazz Festival. Your engineering team must only decide how best to fit it all in.

Parks and Nature

Chicago engineers can get away from it all without ever leaving the city. Walking trails, botanical gardens, ice skating, beaches, and plenty of green space…the city takes down time to an art form.


In some ways, Chicago is a collection of small communities that all share a common space. Whatever someone’s interests might be, there are sure to be like-minded souls nearby. Locals tend to be warm and welcoming, making it easy for new people to get involved. Moving to a new city can feel isolating, but it’s easy to find just the right community in Chicago.

Of course, you’ll still have to follow all the basic guidelines to attract top-tier engineers. Offer a competitive salary, along with plenty of perks. Allow new hires to work on exciting and challenging projects. Streamline your hiring process and do what you can to eliminate bias. But if you’re trying to convince top engineering candidates to relocate to Chicago, the city itself gives you a lot to work with.

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