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What You Can Do To Help Reduce Stress for Employees

Employee stress has always been a concern for business leaders, as stress can lead to low productivity and high turnover. However, managing employee stress has become more important than ever before. Use these strategies to help reduce stress for your team members.   Create a Stress Management Resource Center   Work with HR to provide resources on stress management, self-care… Read more »

Supporting At-Risk Employees for COVID-19

While everyone should be taking precautions to avoid contracting the coronavirus, engineering professionals age 65 and older, and anyone with underlying conditions, are at greater risk of developing serious complications if they contract COVID-19. Although they are highly educated and capable professionals, at-risk engineers may need additional support and accommodations from management to perform their… Read more »

How to Effectively Manage a Remote Team

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of employers became remote-only workplaces overnight. That instant and drastic change posed challenges for many companies, and some leaders are still dealing with a few growing pains as they transition to remote-only. If you are still navigating challenges, use these tips to effectively manage a remote team.   Remote Team Management Tips Be Flexible … Read more »

Tips for Onboarding New Hires Remotely 

Your onboarding process will shape the way a new hire feels about his or her job for their entire tenure. A great onboarding experience can lead to faster ramp-up, higher productivity and long-term retention, while a poor experience almost always leads to turnover within the first year.   Onboarding can be challenging no matter the circumstances and when a… Read more »

Mastering the Art of Video Interviewing in the Age of COVID-19

Just because COVID-19 is forcing you to work from home, doesn’t mean you need to stop recruiting world-class talent for your engineering team. Thanks to an abundant supply of tools and online conferencing platforms, video interviewing is a viable option for engineering managers who are unable to meet candidates in person. Even better, companies that… Read more »

How to Keep Essential Employees Safe 

In 2020, workplace safety has taken on a whole new meaning. While many employees are allowed to work from home, many jobs deemed essential provide no such option. Employees look to their company leaders to keep them safe, and many managers have been kept awake at night wondering if they are doing enough for their valued employees. Here are… Read more »

How to Find Top Talent for Specific Engineering Positions  

It’s no secret that hiring engineers has become more of a challenge in recent years. There are serious skill and talent gaps in the market, and finding top talent for specific engineering positions can feel like an impossible puzzle to solve. Use these strategies to broaden your talent pool and find the right person for your engineering roles.  … Read more »

Benefits of Maintaining Strong Communication with Your Candidates Through a Crisis 

Communicating with your candidates is always important, but maintaining strong communication with them during a crisis can set you apart from your competitors. COVID-19 brought our economy to a grinding halt in March, and businesses are facing unique challenges. On one hand, millions of businesses were deemed “non-essential” and were forced to close their doors, putting them in danger… Read more »

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