Reasons to Consider Working as a Contract Engineer 

Engineers have a lot of options in today’s market. Their skills are in serious demand and there are not enough qualified job seekers to fill every open role. In such a competitive market, many engineers are deciding to take the leap into contract work. Contract engineers sign on for specific projects and they may work anywhere from… Read more »

Signs Your Tech Project Isn’t Successful  

Nearly one–quarter of all IT projects fail. But those numbers don’t have to be so high. Sometimes better pre-planning can prevent failure, but knowing the signs that a project is going sideways can help the team regroup to prevent a crash-and-burn scenario. Here are signs you should watch for that will signal your tech project isn’t successful.  … Read more »

How to Build a Team of Engineers with Great Culture 

To attract and retain top engineering talent, it is necessary to foster a culture where those engineers will thrive. While every engineer will have unique priorities and preferences, here are several areas that help foster a culture that nearly every engineer will thrive in.   Eliminate Micromanagement   One of the fastest ways to kill morale and employee engagement is to… Read more »

5 of the Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2020

Thousands of new developer jobs have been opening each year as more of our world becomes connected via computers and the internet. Whether we are talking about aerospace or tiny computers in our appliances, almost every industry has a growing need for programmers and developers.    And while developers are in high demand, we are facing… Read more »

What Should Be The Tie Breaker Between Two Candidates?

Hiring in the IT field is a challenge. It can feel impossible to find a single ideal candidate, but what happens when you have the rare but opposite problem of two great choices and you must make a decision? How do you make the right choice between two candidates?   Degree Vs. Certification  If both candidates appear the same on… Read more »

Should We Remain A Remote-First Company?

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses into remote-only companies and it is estimated that at the height of shutdowns, half the American labor force was working from home. As states roll out measured reopening plans, many companies are wondering if they should attempt to go back to 100 percent onsite work or whether they should remain remote-first companies.   Green Doesn’t… Read more »

How to Transition Remote Employees Back to the Office

Now that every state is slowly returning to work, companies of all sizes are starting to think about how to transition employees safely and effectively back into the office. If you are ready to start returning to in-person work, follow these tips for a smooth transition.   Only Bring Back Necessary Staff   It will be important… Read more »

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