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San Diego’s Workplace Gems: Unveiling the Best Places to Work in One of America’s Finest Cities

San Diego is arguably one of the finest cities in the United States for engineers. The climate is warm but not hot, with little rain. There are more than 70 miles of beachfront to experience, each with its own unique style. And San Diego itself is more a collection of small towns than a sprawling… Read more »

Engineering the Perfect Resume: Strategies for High-End Career Advancement

Your resume is your ticket to the high-end engineering role you have always wanted. It serves as your calling card, introducing you to potential employers. But you have just seconds to make a great first impression. And you’ll need to make sure your resume can get through an automated screener before a human ever lays… Read more »

Partnering with a Software Developer Recruitment Agency for Continued Career Growth

Today’s software developers continually seek opportunities to innovate, stay current with industry trends, and accelerate their career growth. Partnering with a software developer recruitment agency can enable you to navigate the competitive tech field and discover valuable growth prospects. Recruiters for software developers will work to understand your unique career goals, align your ambitions with… Read more »

The Benefits of Contract and Contract-to-Hire Opportunities in Engineering

If you’re looking for your next engineering role, you may be primarily focused on full-time work. If so, you’re overlooking a wealth of benefits, especially if you are a new graduate or trying to change your area of focus. Contract and contract-to-hire engineering opportunities are abundant, and there are several good reasons to consider taking… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Recruiter for Newly Graduated Engineers?

Between issues like inflation, high-profile layoffs in the tech world, and ongoing economic uncertainty, it can be a strange time to enter the job market as a new graduate. If you’ve recently graduated with your engineering degree and are ready to start your search, it pays to have a reliable partner by your side.  Utilizing… Read more »

Demand for Software Developer Jobs Expected to Rise

Are you a software developer? Here’s some good news: The demand for your skillset is expected to rise over the coming years. Companies of all shapes and sizes – across virtually every industry – need talented developers to create the software and applications necessary for modern business. From creating and testing computer software to developing… Read more »

A Few Things to Consider if Contemplating a Career Change from Mechanical Engineering

If you are a mechanical engineer looking for a change, you might wonder if you’re even on the right track. After all, engineering is not an easy field to get into. Have you wasted your time and money? Not at all. There are plenty of valid reasons for a mechanical engineer to switch careers. And… Read more »

How to Land Your First IT Job Out of College

Starting a career in tech? The ongoing digital transformation and the prevalence of remote work ensure bountiful future opportunities for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology employment is expected to grow 13% in the next decade, faster than the average for all occupations.   Before you fire your resume… Read more »

How to Successfully Transition Into a Tech Career: A Guide

Information technology is among the most in-demand, lucrative and rewarding fields. If you are considering shifting into one of the many potential careers in technology, chances are you’re making a smart move. But “tech careers” is a very broad category. Take some time to determine which information technology career path is right for you. Here’s… Read more »

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