Category: Tips for Engineering Managers

How to Support the Mental Health of Your Employees

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recognized mental health issues as among the most burdensome health conditions in the country. Almost one in five American adults was living with a mental health disorder in 2016. And the numbers have only gotten worse since COVID-19 entered our lives. In fact, the World Health… Read more »

Questions to Ask Your Engineering Candidates

Your engineering interviews should cover questions that speak to the specific skills and experience required for the job, but they should also include questions that help you get a feel for the type of engineer the candidate is and the way they approach their work. For a more well-rounded conversation, incorporate these questions into your interviews… Read more »

How to Run an Effective Performance Review for Engineers 

It’s that time of year again – time for performance reviews. Both managers and employees stress over reviews. They take up a lot of time, cause anxiety and have actually been shown to de-motivate employees. So, what can you do to run an effective performance review for your engineers?   Performance Review Do’s and Don’ts  If you want to run effective performance… Read more »

5 Outdated Recruiting Practices that Turn Off Top Engineers

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman If you haven’t updated your hiring process in a while, you may be hanging on to antiquated habits and procedures that actually hurt your ability to attract top engineering talent. Today’s job seekers want a transparent, inclusive process that provides a realistic preview of the job and the environment. They also expect… Read more »

Adapt or Fail: How to Tailor Your Hiring Process for the Contract Marketplace

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman When it comes to running an effective hiring process, one size does not fit all. You may lose talented engineering contractors to competitors unless you adapt your full-time hiring regimen to fit the fast-moving, task-oriented world of contract staffing. The traditional hiring process for regular, full-time engineers is time-intensive and focused on… Read more »

Build a Compelling EVP to Attract Top Engineering Talent

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Having a strong employee value proposition, or EVP, is critical when it comes to attracting, motivating and retaining talented engineering professionals who can positively impact your organization’s success. In fact, recent research indicates that middle market companies with compelling employer brands and EVPs averaged nearly three times more revenue growth than those… Read more »

Tips for Building a Deep Mentor Pool

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Being paired with a mentor can help new engineers navigate company processes, understand the culture and become productive more quickly. In fact, a study by Deloitte found that 80 percent of learning takes place informally, making interactions between mentors and mentees crucial for transferring knowledge. Having a deep pool of mentors makes… Read more »

Emerging Strategies for Managing an Agile Workforce

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman As more engineering managers leverage external talent on an interim basis, they are realizing that their organizations need a strategy to manage and maximize the contributions of outside experts and contract professionals. However, as workforce guru Dr. John Sullivan notes: “Some individuals think that an agile talent management strategy is little more… Read more »

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