Seamless Integration: Strategies for Welcoming and Maximizing Contract Tech Talent in Your Workplace

Contract tech talent is pretty much a given in the software industry. After all, you will likely need to scale up to meet a launch deadline or bring in the occasional expert to help solve a particularly tough challenge. But how can you help your contract workers feel like part of the team? Here are… Read more »

Crafting Excellence: Essential Tips for Engineering Professionals to Build an Outstanding Portfolio

Are you applying for a new engineering job? Pitching clients or working as a contractor? Whenever you need to show off your engineering skills and accomplishments, an engineering portfolio may be the best option. It goes beyond a simple resume, highlighting actual projects that you’ve completed. Here are some tips for building the best possible… Read more »

Streamlining Onboarding: How Engineering Staffing Agencies Ensure a Seamless Process

Regardless of industry, the onboarding process plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of new hires. The field of engineering is no exception. A robust onboarding experience acquaints engineers with organizational culture and expectations and equips them with the tools and knowledge essential for effective contributions.   There’s no question that there are benefits… Read more »

Breaking the Mold: Transform Your Engineering Hiring with PEAK’s Philadelphia Recruiters

Are you running into trouble hiring top engineers in Philadelphia? The city’s hard-earned reputation as a tech hub means that there’s no shortage of qualified prospects. But you’re competing against a wide variety of other organizations, from scrappy startups to multinational corporations. To take your Philadelphia hiring game to the next level, consider partnering with… Read more »

Tech Talent Trends for 2024: A Guide for Hiring Success

The rapid advancement of technology has put a particularly heavy strain on the tech hiring market. Here are some of the things keeping your hiring team or technical recruiter up at night…and what you can do to remove some of the stress! The Issues Across the board, hiring issues for tech companies generally fall into five… Read more »

Engineering Elegance: Navigating High End Projects in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the top five engineering startup hubs in the world, and for good reason. The city’s mild climate, high salaries, and massive defensive industry make it a natural choice for top engineers. There is plenty of wealth, which means plenty of individuals and organizations willing to shell out big bucks for… Read more »

Unlocking Career Potential: How IT Candidates Benefit from Contract Roles During Transitions

There comes a point in many IT professionals’ careers where they approach a crossroads: whether to embrace the flexibility of contract roles or commit to a traditional, permanent position. The decision-making process can be challenging, and at PEAK Technical, we understand the intricacies of the IT landscape. We also know that there are benefits to… Read more »

Architecting Excellence: Elevating Engineering Standards in Detroit

The city of Detroit was long known as the centerpiece of the auto manufacturing industry. But by the late 20th century, automakers had moved on, and Detroit became a symbol of urban decay. All that changed in the 2010s, though. Massive investments in infrastructure rebranded the city once again, this time as a hub for… Read more »

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