Your technical executives set and execute the strategic vision of your company, which will help determine the success of your company for the next decade and beyond. You need someone with not only experience and vision, but someone who exemplifies your culture – or the culture you are trying to develop. Sure, your executive needs proven technical expertise – that’s why you use PEAK – but a strong financial, sales, or marketing background is also a must, not to mention the ability to manage and inspire.

You need to partner with a specialized engineering executive search firm who has been reliably finding the right people for over 50 years.

Elements of Executive Search:

  • A premium charge and one or more resources who are dedicated to your project, or prioritize your project, for up to 60 or 90 days.
  • A low retainer fee and success fee.
  • Frequent feedback on marketplace conditions. If necessary, you may update your job based on what is available any time in the first 30 days based on market conditions or your changing needs so that you may make necessary updates to the job description.
  • Weekly calls with the recruiter and/or account manager who is managing the process for quality and feedback purposes.
  • PEAK does not charge for recruiter expenses including travel.
  • Your company covers the costs of travel for executive interviews, if necessary.

Consider this option if:

You are looking for a VP level or higher – generally 100k or greater. (Otherwise, try our permanent placement services)

Another bespoke option:

  • Need to build a team? PEAK will offer a discount for your 2nd technical executive in 12 months.

Let our CIO recruiters evaluate your company and needs, so we can recommend the right solution for you.

Request a custom solutions consultation.

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