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Contract Positions vs Permanent Placement: Which is Better for My IT Career?

Whether you’re an IT professional who is newly out of college or simply looking for a change, you might wonder whether it’s better to take contract work or seek a permanent placement. Both options have their own pros and cons, depending on your short-term and long-term goals. Here’s what you should know. Contract Work If… Read more »

What Challenges Are Engineers Facing as We Continue to Deal With COVID-19?

Though vaccines are gradually being rolled out, the COVID-19 crisis is expected to affect business operations at least through the end of 2021, with knock-on effects potentially lasting for years. Here are some of the challenges faced by many engineers. Remote Working Tools As the pandemic swept the globe, businesses around the world moved as… Read more »

Robotics in 2021: What Can We Expect in the Near Future?

The COVID-19 pandemic put all aspects of our daily lives to the test. Perhaps nowhere was this as obvious as in the overstressed supply chains and product shortages experienced by retailers. These constraints are likely to guide robotics development and implementation in 2021. Here are some things to look for as robotics enters a new… Read more »

Top Technology Trends in 2021 to Prepare For

A new year always brings about exciting new developments in technology. As we put 2020 behind us and look forward to a (hopefully) better year ahead, these are some of the trends to watch for in the tech industry.   Top Technology Trends in 2021 Finally, 5G  We’ve heard about the arrival of 5G for years, but it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020… Read more »

David Cohen Promoted to Vice President of Business Development

PEAK Technical Staffing is proud to announce the promotion of David Cohen to Vice President of Business Development for our Silicon Valley/ Santa Clara Office. David will act as a general manager, and will oversee all sales and recruiting activity for the Northern California region. David brings more than 12 years of expertise as a… Read more »

ContractTECH Staffing has been acquired by PEAK Technical Staffing, USA.

PEAK specializes in recruiting engineers and is a leader in the technical staffing industry with over 50 years of service. PEAK has over 50 specialized engineering recruiters in offices across the country ready to help you find the best people and accomplish great things. Although John Poston will no longer be a part of ContractTECH… Read more »

Six Tactics to Find Engineers

It is hard to find engineers and technical candidates. The unemployment rate for architecture and engineering occupations nationwide has fallen to 1.3% from 2.2% from a year earlier, and the trend is downward. The National Federation of Independent Business reports that: Job creation plans and unfilled job openings both set new records. The percentage of small business owners saying… Read more »

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