Looking for the Ideal MSP in Manufacturing, Logistics, or Engineering? Keep These Features in Mind

When you run a business in manufacturing, logistics, or engineering, every ounce of efficiency helps. Contingent workforces must be managed, compliance requirements must be met, and seemingly endless invoices must be sorted through. It’s a staggering amount of work that has little to do with any work being done on your factory floor. At PEAK… Read more »

Worried About Employment Complexity? Employer of Record Services Can Safeguard Your Business

Everyone looks forward to payday. But very few people realize the complexities behind the scenes that lead to collecting those wages—specifically the hiring, managing, and payment of employees. Employment has become a highly specialized area due to ever-changing tax regulations, labor laws, and employment models. Truth be told, most workers feel their jobs have grown… Read more »

Exploring Leadership Opportunities for Engineers: Strategies for Transitioning into Management Roles

Engineering is a field known for its technical prowess and problem-solving capabilities. But it’s not all number-crunching and drafting models. As engineers progress in their careers, many find themselves drawn to leadership positions where they can influence projects, teams, and organizational strategies.   The engineering industry is ripe with leadership opportunities, whether you’re interested in a… Read more »

Managing a Contingent Workforce Across Multiple Facilities? The Right MSP Solution Can Help

The manufacturing industry moves fast. With any luck, your firm has moved fast enough to warrant opening multiple locations across the country. This is no doubt a positive sign, but expansion can lead to confusion between facilities. Companies with multiple facilities grapple with coordinating processes like invoicing, spend tracking, basic compliance, and more. Decentralized processes… Read more »

Considering a Career Change: How Engineering Recruiters Offer Support

Making a career change is a significant decision – one that can be both daunting and exciting. It’s a journey filled with uncertainty, exploration, and the anticipation of new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to pivot within the engineering industry, transition from a different area, or perhaps even venture into engineering for the first time, the… Read more »

Overcoming Common MSP Adoption Challenges with PEAK Technical Staffing USA

Implementing Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions is a transformative stride toward optimizing your contingent workforce. However, the path to a fruitful MSP partnership can be marred by challenges that discourage many businesses from adopting this model. PEAK Technical Staffing USA specializes in turning these potential stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward success. Understanding the Adoption… Read more »

The Role of Recruiters in Finding Top-Quality Engineering Candidates in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has reinvented itself over the past several years as a tech hub. The city is luring a steady stream of top-quality engineers with its robust culture and sense of community. But there’s a lot of competition for these candidates, making it tough for less well-known engineering firms to compete. Working with a dedicated engineering… Read more »

Which Engineering Staffing Agency is the Right Fit for You?

  For companies of all shapes and sizes and across various industries, finding the right engineering talent is crucial to success. As engineering projects evolve and industries adapt to technological advancements, the need for skilled professionals becomes increasingly vital. This is where engineering staffing agencies act as strategic partners in the recruitment process.   However,… Read more »

Why Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore MSPs for Staffing Needs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have historically been the secret weapon of large enterprises, effectively managing their contingent labor forces and enhancing workforce efficiencies. Yet, there is a misconception that MSP solutions are beyond the reach or needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). PEAK Technical Staffing USA is here to shatter that myth, offering tailored… Read more »

Navigating San Diego’s Talent Landscape for Hard-to-Find Engineers

San Diego has become a major player in the engineering landscape, especially within the energy sector. Drawn to the strong cultural experiences, and vast opportunities, engineers are flocking to the city. But with unemployment at record lows, the sheer amount of competition means that you’ll have to work hard to find and attract top talent.… Read more »

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