Consider the effort you put into making sure your sales organization is firing on all cylinders. Building a successful recruiting team is just as difficult.

The success of your business depends on the quality of your people. Hire a specialized engineering recruiter to make sure you are finding the right talent.

PEAK will assign proven high performance engineering recruiters to your organization and will manage them for you. We give your on-site team all the training, technology, and oversight required for success. With PEAK as your exclusive, on-site engineering recruitment provider, you will realize cost savings relative to traditional placement fees, and achieve better, timelier hiring than you could achieve alone.

In addition, you will achieve greater clarity into your hiring process through regular key performance indicator reviews and proactive notifications of any obstacles to your success.

Elements of an on-site recruiting solution are as follows:

  • A high degree of management, accountability and collaboration of the on-site recruiter and your managers.
  • Cost reduction
    • Cost-sharing between PEAK and partner for salaries of the recruiter(s) and a dramatic reduction in finders’ fees or,
    • 100% of onsite recruiting borne by PEAK – your only cost are the fees for successful placements.
  • An exclusive relationship for all recruiting needs of a company or business unit.
  • Close coordination between PEAK and partner for planning purposes.
  • Annual, biannual, or quarterly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reviews of PEAK to ensure satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Consider this option if:

  • You want a more cost-effective option on a per-hire basis than you can achieve by paying traditional recruiting fees.
  • Reliability and timeliness of recruiting are paramount to satisfying your business growth and/or customer needs.
  • Your time is better spent on your core competency than establishing and maintaining a high performance recruiting team.
  • A daily, collaborative relationship with your recruiter is essential.
  • The total amount of new employees’ salaries hired each year exceeds $1.5 million (15 $100,000 hires or 30 $50,000 hires annually).
    • This option is scalable – PEAK can add another recruiter for each additional $1 million in salaries or establish an option for “overflow” needs that exceed the onsite recruiter’s bandwidth.
    • This salaries number can be reduced if you have project-based temporary needs as well.

Another bespoke option:

  • PEAK can also assign a recruiter as a temporary on-site resource to help you navigate periods of growth and expansion or meet technical executive search needs.

Looking to hire an engineering recruiter? Let us evaluate your company and needs, so we can recommend the right solution for you.

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