Most Innovative Ways to Attract Engineering Talent

Post a job. Wait for engineering candidates. Hope for the best. If this is how you approach recruiting engineers, you’re probably struggling to attract great people. And yet, this is the approach most hiring managers still take in an environment where STEM talent is hard to find. If you want to attract top engineering talent,… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With an Engineering Recruiter to Find a Job

Let’s be honest. Even though engineers are in high demand, finding a great job isn’t easy. Job searches are time-consuming, especially when you are employed. They are also incredibly frustrating. Employers can be unresponsive, scheduling interviews can be challenging and it can be impossible to accurately evaluate whether a job is really right for you.… Read more »

Taking Advantage of the Tight Job Market as an IT Candidate

Unemployment for tech workers has been well below the national average for nearly a decade and each year the market gets even more competitive. Companies have been forced to work harder to attract and retain IT talent and salaries have been steadily increasing.  If you are an IT professional looking to grow your career, now… Read more »

How to List IT Contract Experience on Your Resume

IT contracting and consulting is an extremely popular career choice for tech pros today. It offers flexibility, the opportunity to work on exciting projects, and often delivers a bigger paycheck. However, it can also turn your resume into a long and confusing document. Resumes should be concise, but they also must provide a snapshot of your career… Read more »

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