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What Skills Do Engineering Employers Look For?

The skills a potential employer is looking for depend heavily on the type of engineering job you’re applying for, along with the company’s expectations of the person who steps into the role. Be sure to thoroughly examine your application materials and consider whether or not you’ve highlighted the best skills to match the job and… Read more »

Which Engineering Jobs Are Most in Demand?

With so many different types of engineering jobs out there, and new ones emerging all the time, choosing the right path for your career goals is very important. Here are the types of engineering jobs that businesses are hiring the most for. Aeronautical Are you interested in aviation or space flight? Aeronautical engineers design, manufacture,… Read more »

What Is a Technical Interview and How to Prepare

If you’re looking for a new engineering position, you probably already have the basics covered. Your resume is tightly written and edited, and highlights your best accomplishments. You’ve been working on translating technical jargon into plain language for your interview, and you probably have a portfolio website with links to your top projects. But did… Read more »

A Few Things to Consider if Contemplating a Career Change from Mechanical Engineering

If you are a mechanical engineer looking for a change, you might wonder if you’re even on the right track. After all, engineering is not an easy field to get into. Have you wasted your time and money? Not at all. There are plenty of valid reasons for a mechanical engineer to switch careers. And… Read more »

Should You Accept the Job Offer? What San Diego Software Engineers Should Know

So you’ve been offered a software engineering position in San Diego. Congratulations! But if you’re relocating from somewhere else, you might wonder whether making the move is really the right choice. Here’s what you should know about becoming a San Diego software engineer. Innovation They say that iron sharpens iron. San Diego has developed a… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Pittsburgh for Your Engineering Career

If you’re ready to take your engineering career to the next level or simply interested in living someplace new, Pittsburgh might not be the first place that comes to mind. After all, the city was built on coal and steel—making it more appropriate for blue-collar workers, right? Not so fast. Over the past several years,… Read more »

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