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Connecting with Engineers: How to Attract Top Talent in San Antonio and How PEAK can Help!

San Antonio has developed a well-earned reputation as an engineering hub, especially for the energy sector. Engineers at every stage of their career are drawn to the city for its job opportunities, relatively low cost of living, and strong cultural vibe. But there is a lot of competition for top talent. To hire the best… Read more »

How Do Businesses Increase Productivity with an Engineering Staffing Agency?

Finding the right talent is key to successful outcomes in almost any industry or organization. This is especially true in engineering, where technical prowess, innovation, and adaptability are so important. But it’s not just about getting work done – it’s about doing so efficiently and, ultimately, increasing your organization’s productivity over time.  Businesses striving to… Read more »

Keeping Talent on Board: Strategies to Retain Engineering Employees in Orange County

Engineers in Orange County know they have a lot of tech companies to choose from. Although the Great Resignation has largely run its course, you remain at risk of having your employees decide that the grass is greener elsewhere. To keep your top talent on board, make sure you continue to meet their needs. Here… Read more »

Engineering Magnet: What Draws Talent to Philadelphia’s Growing Sector

Philadelphia boasts the second-largest university population in the United States, and it has become a key hub for startup tech companies. So it’s easy to see why engineers would be interested in the city. But with so many tech cities to choose from, why Philadelphia specifically? Here are a few important draws. Lower Cost of… Read more »

How Might You Attract TOP Engineers to Your LA Based Engineering Roles

As a fast-growing tech hub, Los Angeles is highly attractive to engineers. But it’s also an increasingly popular city for tech companies, which means plenty of competition for top talent. Here are a few ways to attract top engineers to your firm. Pay Them Well You won’t attract the best of the best if your… Read more »

The Detroit Advantage: Attracting Engineering Employees with Purpose

Detroit was once synonymous with auto manufacturing. But when jobs moved overseas, the city experienced a period of abandonment and urban decay. Today, Detroit has entirely reinvented itself with a shift to technology. A deeply supportive business climate makes Detroit an excellent spot for any engineering firm. And tech professionals are flocking to the area… Read more »

Staying on Top of the Growing STEM Industry in Chicago

Chicago continues to cement its place as a fast-growing hub for the STEM industry. From Google to LinkedIn, major tech companies are establishing a presence in the city. And the 1871 innovation hub is giving startups the boost they need to become competitive players in this increasingly crowded landscape. But what does this all mean… Read more »

Driving Innovation in Pittsburgh’s High-End Engineering Sector: Trends, Challenges, and Strategies for Success

If you run a high-end engineering firm in Pittsburgh, you’ve probably noticed some changes over the past few years. As the city thoroughly reinvents itself, moving from steel to technology, it feels more vibrant than it has in decades. But there are some definite growing pains as well. Here is what you need to know… Read more »

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