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How to Identify Leadership Potential in Your Software Development Team

Software developers tend to be smart, ambitious, and highly driven. They are good at solving problems and making decisions. All of these are traits that could indicate strong leadership potential. But you can’t promote them all at the same time. So how do you know which developers may be ready for a management track? Here… Read more »

The Importance of Offering Your Engineers Constructive Criticism

No one likes to hear negative feedback. But constructive criticism is vital to getting the best out of your employees. In fact, if given properly, it can actually help your engineers feel supported. Here are four reasons to give constructive criticism, along with some tips on how best to provide it. Stronger Performance Most people… Read more »

Top Cyber Security Safety Tips for National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, making it a great time to revisit your practices and procedures to make sure you’re protecting your business and your employees. An increasing safety threat for companies of all types is hacking and other cybercrimes. For this year’s National Safety Month, here are some top cyber security safety tips. Top… Read more »

How Temp DevOp Employees Can Help Your Business Thrive

DevOp engineers focus on the software lifecycle, from creation through maintenance. They play a very important role in many companies, but your need for them may surge and recede throughout the year. Bringing on temp DevOp employees can help your business thrive by adding capacity when needed without the commitment of adding full-time engineers. Here’s… Read more »

Top Engineer Retention Strategies to Keep in Mind

Hiring engineers can be tough, time-consuming, and expensive. But holding onto them once you have them can be even more challenging, especially in the era of the Great Resignation. In this tight labor market, engineer retention is more important than ever. Here are some strategies to keep your engineers happy and loyal. Encourage Time Off… Read more »

Does Your Software Engineering Team Need Custom Staffing Solutions? (And How PEAK Can Help!)

Software engineering can pose unique challenges for hiring managers. It can be tough to assess candidates’ skills if you don’t speak the language of engineering. You may not know where to go to find those who are not actively looking for work but might be open to changing jobs. And even more fundamentally, software engineering… Read more »

6 Strategies for Recruiting Top Engineering Talent

Hiring an engineer in today’s talent crisis is more difficult than ever. The most qualified candidates have their pick of the best jobs, creating an enormous challenge for hiring managers and engineering job recruiters. How can you attract the best engineering talent and make an offer they won’t refuse?     Attract and Retain Top Engineers… Read more »

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