The Detroit Advantage: Attracting Engineering Employees with Purpose

Detroit was once synonymous with auto manufacturing. But when jobs moved overseas, the city experienced a period of abandonment and urban decay. Today, Detroit has entirely reinvented itself with a shift to technology. A deeply supportive business climate makes Detroit an excellent spot for any engineering firm. And tech professionals are flocking to the area to take advantage of the city’s low cost of living, entertainment and dining options, and highly community-oriented atmosphere. But even though you’ll find no shortage of potential engineering employees, you will also face stiff competition to hire top talent. Here are some areas to focus on.

Compensation and Benefits

Engineering employees tend to be well-educated and highly skilled. They also know the value that they have to offer. Make sure you’re offering a complete compensation and benefits package that is competitive within the Detroit area. Beyond traditional benefits, you’ll also need to throw in some perks. Remote work, flexible scheduling, and onsite childcare are just a few suggestions to make your company more attractive.

Company Culture

Today’s engineers care about much more than a paycheck. They want to work for a company whose values align with their own. Honesty, transparency, team orientation, and giving back to the local community are just a few things that many candidates are looking for. Help potential new hires understand the larger vision and how their work would support it, and you will go a long way toward standing out from the crowd.

The Work Itself

If you want to hire the best engineering employees, you must offer them challenging projects. Solving complex problems is in an engineer’s DNA, so don’t expect to attract top talent for tedious, rote tasks. Also, avoid micromanagement. Develop a reputation for giving your engineering team the tools they need to succeed and then getting out of their way while they innovate.

Training and Development

Engineers love to learn and grow throughout their careers. Offer training and development initiatives that allow them to stretch their creative muscles. From formal courses to hackathons to mentorships, there are many ways to keep your engineering employees on the cutting edge. Just be careful to resist the temptation to pit them against each other. Good-natured competition can be fun, but you will lose team members quickly if the atmosphere becomes cutthroat.

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