Staying on Top of the Growing STEM Industry in Chicago

Chicago continues to cement its place as a fast-growing hub for the STEM industry. From Google to LinkedIn, major tech companies are establishing a presence in the city. And the 1871 innovation hub is giving startups the boost they need to become competitive players in this increasingly crowded landscape. But what does this all mean for Chicago companies in the STEM industry? What do leaders need to know to continue to attract and retain top talent?


According to Forbes, there are now more than 6,100 tech companies in Chicago. Over 375 new startups were founded in just the past five years. To be successful, you must become familiar with your competition and develop a strong understanding of your company’s unique value proposition.

Community Initiatives

Fortunately, you don’t have to face challenges alone. There are several community-wide initiatives in Chicago, supported by the mayor, to help boost the entire STEM industry. The idea is that by working together, everyone can be more successful.

Talent Pipeline

There is a constant stream of new STEM talent flowing into Chicago. Illinois is third in the nation for new graduates with computer science degrees. The Come Back to Move Forward campaign is bringing home Chicago natives who left for other tech opportunities. And many community initiatives are working hard to solve lingering recruitment challenges among people of color and other diverse populations.

Thinking Outside the Box

Even with so much talent flowing in and so much community support, though, you will still need to think outside the box to attract and retain top employees. It’s easy to get lost in a crowded marketplace unless you have a strong idea of what your company has to offer. You’ll also need clear messaging to make the case as to why STEM professionals should choose your organization.

A dedicated engineering and IT staffing firm in Chicago can be a lot of help. We know the local market and the forces that are at work. We understand how to position your company in the most attractive way. And we are able to find and recruit passive talent that might just be exactly who your business needs.

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