Engineering Magnet: What Draws Talent to Philadelphia’s Growing Sector

Philadelphia boasts the second-largest university population in the United States, and it has become a key hub for startup tech companies. So it’s easy to see why engineers would be interested in the city. But with so many tech cities to choose from, why Philadelphia specifically? Here are a few important draws.

Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Philadelphia has not yet caught up with the rest of the Northeast, let alone places like Silicon Valley. Especially in the earlier stages of their careers, many engineers would rather save their income for travel or major purchases than spend it all on meeting their basic needs.

Political History

Though not all engineers are political history buffs, those that are would be hard-pressed to find a more ideal location than Philadelphia. The signing of the Declaration of Independence, the drafting of the Constitution, the First Continental Congress, the capital of the US for ten years…many engineers love spending their off hours exploring Philadelphia’s historic sites.

Modern Culture

Philadelphia is far from a dusty old city stuck in the past. It has science centers, art museums, bars, restaurants, and even a thriving performing arts community. And don’t forget about sports! Many engineers relish the opportunity to cheer on the Eagles, the Phillies, the Flyers, or the 76ers.

The Right Position

Philadelphia has a lot to offer engineers. But ultimately, it’s all about finding the right job. If you want to attract the best of the best, you’ll need to convince them that yours is the right opportunity.

Start by making your job descriptions as appealing (but honest!) as possible. Explain what benefits and perks you offer. Talk about how your mission supports the greater good. Let candidates know what they would actually do all day. And avoid biased language that could convince some top candidates to keep scrolling.

Also, streamline your hiring process. Cut the number of interviews and keep all candidates in the loop. Show potential hires that your company is streamlined, professional, and forward-thinking.

Attracting top engineers in a growing hub like Philadelphia isn’t always easy. But with so much to offer, the city itself is one potential benefit you can mention.

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