Pittsburgh’s Magnet Effect: Attracting the Best Engineers to Your Team

Pittsburgh has long been known for coal and steel. But in recent years, the city has taken a series of active steps to reinvent itself as a thoroughly modern tech hub. If you need engineers in Pittsburgh, you can certainly find a lot of talent locally. However, competition will be stiff. If you need to cast a wider net, here are some things you can use to entice the best engineers to relocate.

Cost of Living

Many of the best engineers are turned off by the high cost of living in other tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. But Pittsburgh is still quite affordable, and the surrounding suburbs even more so. If you want to attract the best engineers from around the country, make affordability a talking point.

Things to Do

Any sports fan knows that the Penguins, the Pirates, and the Steelers all call Pittsburgh home. To get a top engineering candidate to commit, you could always sweeten the pot with season tickets…or even just take them to a single game during the recruiting process.

Outdoors enthusiasts will love Pittsburgh’s seemingly endless biking and hiking trails. You can even point out all of the spectacular camping opportunities that surround the city.

For candidates who prefer indoor pursuits, Pittsburgh is also a booming cultural center. You can point out the art galleries, theaters, and historic points of interest, as well as the nearby theme parks. And don’t forget about the annual calendar of events. The city offers festivals and other special activities all year long.

The Food Scene

Tech isn’t the only way that Pittsburgh has recently transformed itself. The city is now known as foodie’s paradise, offering everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to delicious street eats. And many neighborhoods are known for their own unique food scenes. It never hurts to take a top recruit out for an unforgettable meal!

Pittsburgh has undergone a period of rapid reinvention. The city itself is now a magnet for up-and-coming professionals, including top engineers. Take your hiring game to the next level by showing potential new hires from out of town everything that this unique location has to offer.

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