Driving Innovation in Pittsburgh’s High-End Engineering Sector: Trends, Challenges, and Strategies for Success

If you run a high-end engineering firm in Pittsburgh, you’ve probably noticed some changes over the past few years. As the city thoroughly reinvents itself, moving from steel to technology, it feels more vibrant than it has in decades. But there are some definite growing pains as well. Here is what you need to know to maximize your engineering company’s success in this rapidly evolving city.

Positive Trend: Growing Tech Hub

The good news is that Pittsburgh continues to cement itself as a key tech hub. The science and technology workforce is growing quickly, outpacing national growth. This means that long-term prospects look terrific for high-end companies making their home in the city. Of course, this also means more competition for top employees.

Challenge: Declining Population

However, things look a bit more challenging when you consider Pittsburgh’s population. As a whole, people are moving out of the city rather than into it. Part of the problem is wages, which remain relatively low compared to other regions, even when adjusted for cost of living. But an even bigger problem is that Pittsburgh simply hasn’t yet figured out how to position itself as a hotspot for young workers.

One solution is remote work. A high-end engineering firm undoubtedly has quite a few positions that could be filled remotely. This allows you to extend your reach beyond commuting distance from Pittsburgh, without the expenses involved in helping candidates relocate.

Positive Trend: Sub-Baccalaureate Positions

Pittsburgh ranks highly among cities offering science and technology jobs to people without a bachelor’s degree. In fact, about 30% of all science and tech jobs in the city don’t require degrees. This makes it easier for young people, older adults switching jobs, and others to enter the field, replenishing the pool of available workers.

Challenge: Difficulty Recruiting a Diverse Workforce

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh companies are still struggling to recruit diverse employees, particularly people of color. Wage increases and remote positions could help, but the solution may lie in forming stronger regional partnerships. You need a consistent pipeline of new talent that is fed by schools and other organizations that can help steer eager would-be engineers in the right direction. Also consider your own policies and whether there are steps you could take to lower the barrier to entry and help new workers establish a career path.

It’s an exciting time to run an engineering firm in Pittsburgh. But there are some definite stumbling blocks as well. Now is the time to look at your policies and procedures to see how you can best meet the challenges and promise of tomorrow.

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