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The Biggest Challenges Facing Engineering Companies in the San Jose Area, and How PEAK Can Help Overcome Them

If you run an engineering firm in San Jose, you may face chronic challenges in keeping your teams fully staffed. There are a few reasons for this, but don’t despair! PEAK Technical Staffing is here to help. Let’s take a look at the issues and how we can help solve them. Competition San Jose is… Read more »

Maximizing Talent Retention: How Engineering Staffing and Recruiting Agencies Help Employers Keep Their Top Performers

Finding and hiring top engineering talent isn’t easy. These professionals are in high demand, and they’re not a dime a dozen – engineers are highly specialized, and their services don’t always come cheap. In recent years, the hiring market has gotten even tighter as issues like inflation, an aging workforce resulting in record retirements, and… Read more »

Improving the Hiring Process of Engineers in Orange County, and How PEAK Can Help

If you’re looking for engineers in Orange County, you are facing some stiff competition. Engineering firms and tech companies alike are searching for talent in an incredibly tight labor market. But there is hope. One of the best things you can do to stand out from the crowd is to improve your engineering hiring process.… Read more »

How to Bridge the Talent Gap of Engineering in Philadelphia

If you’re having trouble attracting and retaining top engineering talent in Philadelphia, you are not alone. There is a real brain drain happening in the engineering industry right now. We’re still in the middle of the Great Reshuffle, in which people in all industries are searching for new roles. But beyond that, all types of… Read more »

Benefits of Hiring Contract Engineers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a tremendous location for tech companies of all sizes. It’s far enough away from Silicon Valley to avoid the most cutthroat competition. And the city boasts beautiful weather, plenty of things to do, and a seemingly endless stream of available engineers and other tech professionals. But don’t be too quick to hire… Read more »

4 Tips For Recruiting Experienced Engineering Employees in Pittsburgh

A longtime steel and coal town, Pittsburgh has recently reinvented itself as tech hub. Drawn by the city’s affordability, cultural opportunities, and world-class cuisine, tech companies and engineers alike have flocked to Pittsburgh in the past several years. But this means that there is strong competition for top talent, especially in today’s tight labor market.… Read more »

Is San Jose America’s Great Engineering Hub?

San Jose continually demonstrates the highest levels of technological innovation, job openings, and opportunities for tech-minded professionals to grow and prosper in their careers. Despite honorable attempts from other parts of the country, it’s unlikely that Silicon Valley will be defeated as American’s engineering hub. The Data Before the pandemic, the numbers were clear. From… Read more »

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