How Might You Attract TOP Engineers to Your LA Based Engineering Roles

As a fast-growing tech hub, Los Angeles is highly attractive to engineers. But it’s also an increasingly popular city for tech companies, which means plenty of competition for top talent. Here are a few ways to attract top engineers to your firm.

Pay Them Well

You won’t attract the best of the best if your pay rates aren’t competitive. Los Angeles has a high cost of living, so be sure to consider that. You can also round out the compensation package with a full slate of benefits, such as health insurance and a 401K. And don’t forget about perks. Remote work is almost a given in today’s climate, but don’t forget flexible scheduling or compressed work weeks. Wellness programs and daycare stipends are also popular choices.

Make It Meaningful

Top engineers want their work to have genuine value. Offer projects that connect to your company’s larger vision in meaningful ways. Pair up newer engineers with mentors who have been around for a while, allowing them to jump right into deeper work rather than “paying their dues” with make-work tasks.

Offer a Challenge

One of the best ways to attract top engineers is to offer them a real challenge. If your company is innovating, working with cutting-edge technology, or trying to solve complex problems, say so in your job ads. By nature, engineers are curious problem-solvers. Draw them in with something they simply can’t say no to.

Work with a Dedicated Staffing Agency

A dedicated engineering staffing agency can help you cut through the noise and directly reach the cream of the crop. We know engineering, and we know the local Los Angeles market. With a deep network of connections, we are well-poised to provide you with a short list of highly qualified engineering professionals ready to go on Day One. We are also expert matchmakers, able to determine which candidate would be the right fit for your open engineering role.

Build a Forward-Thinking Engineering Team with PEAK

If you are looking for talented engineering professionals in Los Angeles who can help your organization achieve its goals,  contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you access cutting-edge talent.


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