Bridging Eras: A Look at In-Demand Engineering Careers

Are you thinking about entering the engineering industry? If so, it’s worth exploring the history of engineering jobs, how engineering has changed over the last few years, and what it will become in the next decade. Ready for a deep dive?

The Olden Days

The first known engineer was the famed Egyptian, Imhotep, who built the Step Pyramid in about 2550 BCE. The earliest surviving engineering text, De architectura, was published in the first century CE. By the Middle Ages, engineers were using the principles of everything from mathematics to metallurgy to design and build highly advanced cities.

The next big event in engineering history occurred when the field began subdividing into specific areas of interest during the 18th century, as the first Industrial Revolution demanded ever-greater expertise. By the 20th century, the new field of environmental engineering was developed to tackle challenges related to sustainability, while electronics engineers were powering rapid technological advances.

More Recent Times

By the end of the 20th century, there were more electronics and electrical engineers than those in any other engineering specialization. Today’s continued focus on emerging technology, telecommunications, and the internet means this trend will likely continue. Specializations such as biomedical engineering and software engineering are also seeing a surge in demand.

The Future of Engineering

In the decades to come, all technology-related engineering fields will likely offer a secure future. In addition, energy-related engineers will be needed to oversee the shift to renewable energy sources. Agricultural and aerospace are two additional areas projected to rise in demand.

Of course, there will always be a need for classical forms of engineering, such as mechanical and civil. Our vast infrastructure continues to age, and repairs are constantly necessary to minimize deterioration. These fields may not be “hot” right now, but they are vital to maintaining our roads, bridges, and buildings.

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