Tech Talent Trends for 2024: A Guide for Hiring Success

The rapid advancement of technology has put a particularly heavy strain on the tech hiring market. Here are some of the things keeping your hiring team or technical recruiter up at night…and what you can do to remove some of the stress!

The Issues

Across the board, hiring issues for tech companies generally fall into five overall categories:

  • Bad hires. Software professionals don’t come cheap, and even the process of finding and hiring them costs a lot. If you make the wrong hiring decision, you’re looking at significant sunk costs. Using contract workers can help offset these costs while offering attractive perks such as remote work and unlimited PTO can help attract higher-quality candidates.
  • Ever-changing skills. Technology is evolving so rapidly that hiring for specific skills almost guarantees obsolescence within a few years. And that’s assuming you have the technical knowledge to understand exactly which skills are needed right now. Instead, look for candidates who learn quickly and have proven their flexibility. Focus on people who will go with the flow and enjoy taking on new challenges.
  • Competition. There simply aren’t enough top-tier software professionals to go around. You’ll need to think outside the box to stay ahead of the competition. Go out of your way to build and showcase a positive work culture, and learn where to find the people you want working for you.
  • Bias. Hiring bias is one of the hardest things for companies to break through, even when they are truly striving for diversity and inclusion. That’s because it tends to be ingrained throughout the hiring process. Blind screening tools, skills-based assessments, and carefully written job descriptions can help.
  • Lengthy hiring process. Today’s top software professionals don’t need to jump through many hoops to find a position. If you don’t streamline the candidate journey, you will likely lose candidates to your competitors.

The Solution

While you could address any of these issues on your own, they can easily become overwhelming when taken together. And most HR teams today are stretched thin. Instead, why not offload your hiring to a dedicated technical recruiter? Recruiting is our core business. We know where to find the right candidates and how to attract them to your company. We’ve streamlined our processes and implemented active measures to reduce bias.

And we offer full-service solutions. We can send temporary or temp-to-hire employees to relieve the burden within a few days. Or we can provide you with a short list of candidates for your full-time position who will be ready to go on Day One. Either way, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best in your local area.

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