Mastering the Shift: A Guide on Transitioning into Engineering Management

Engineering is an exciting field and an excellent place to build a career. It offers opportunities to be creative and innovative, and to make a positive impact on the world. But transitioning into engineering management can be scary and even overwhelming. Let’s take a look at what you can do to successfully make the shift.

Stop Focusing on Being Right

As an engineer, you probably developed a passion for being right. After all, your professional reputation was built on your ability to solve problems and make things happen. But switching to engineering management means learning a difficult truth: there is rarely, if ever, a single right answer. Now is the time to let your employees shine as they find their own “right” solutions to problems.

Learn What to Control…And What to Let Go

As a manager, what’s under your control will make a radical shift. It’s your job to focus on shaping strategies, creating schedules, and organizing projects. But you’ll have to let go of day-to-day control over what the team is doing. Give them parameters and expectations, and let them get to work.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Engineering management combines the technical expertise of engineering with strong people skills. And it can take time to hone those new abilities. Focus on learning how people tick and how you can influence them to be their best without micromanaging them.

Adopt a Business-Oriented Mindset

Another challenge you might encounter as you make the transition to management is shifting your mindset. You’ll no longer have the luxury of focusing on, and arguing for, the “best” solution from a technical point of view. Instead, you will have to consider whether each solution fits your budgets, project goals, and overall vision. You’ll also have to figure out how to apply those solutions on a practical level, from assigning enough team members to setting deadlines and milestones.

Find Mentors

You can’t become a great manager without learning from others. Look for senior managers both inside and outside your company who are willing to coach and guide you. These mentors will be invaluable as you encounter the range of issues that inevitably arise on any team.

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