Reset – How to Overcome Mistakes During a Job Interview

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman It can happen to anyone. You mistakenly call the engineering manager by the wrong name, lose your train of thought mid-sentence or provide the wrong answer to a technical question during an interview. Relax, even veteran engineers usually bumble a question or two. The key is how you recover from a misstatement,… Read more »

Five Myths about Co-Employment

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman The topic of co-employment often arises when engineering firms utilize experienced contractors to meet project deadlines. Managers sometimes perceive that contract professionals pose excessive risks and threats since the co-employment topic is so misunderstood. Or as Stephen Clancy, director, Contingent Workforce Strategies and Research for Staffing Industry Analysts recently wrote in Challenging… Read more »

How to Create a Personal Brand to Promote Your Engineering Skills

  Separate yourself from the competition by conveying a compelling professional identity By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Being successful isn’t always enough. You may need to bundle your assets and present them in a way that captures the attention of busy engineering managers. In a prior article, we talked about why engineering contractors need a brand. To quote… Read more »

Six Ways to Become a More Credible Engineering Leader

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman You can shout your priorities from the rooftop, distribute them via email, or turn them into a catchy acronym. But unless your actions support your advertised goals and values, you’re probably wasting your time. Ian Davis, who has advised some of the world’s most successful CEOs while serving as a senior partner… Read more »

Become the More Desirable Engineering Candidate Using the STAR Method

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Whether you’re drafting your resume or preparing for a networking event or interview, the best way to convey your accomplishments is through a captivating story. We’re not suggesting that you tell tall tales, but rather that you weave real outcomes and skills into a dynamic narrative. Without storytelling, your achievements may seem uninspiring,… Read more »

Gear Up! How to Hire an Engineering Project Team Leveraging Your Staffing Partner

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman When a client or manager green-lights a project, there’s no time to lose. But assembling a team of contract engineers in short order requires teamwork, efficiency and a well-executed strategy. Without these, you’ll inevitably waste time, money and make poor hiring decisions. Plus, a lengthy or disjointed selection process may cause you… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Engineering Contractors Absolutely, Positively Need a Personal Brand

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman If you think branding is only for movie stars, professional athletes or consumer-driven companies like Coke or Proctor & Gamble, think again. Whether you’ve been an engineer for nine months or nine years, you’ve earned a reputation. And since recruiters and engineering managers are influenced by what they hear and read about… Read more »

Client-Facing Skills Give Engineering Contractors an Edge

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Are you able to interpret technical and design information and present those ideas to clients in a way that’s easy to understand? Are you calm and composed under pressure? If you answered yes to those questions, you’re in luck. A Harvard University study revealed that 85 percent of jobs and promotions happened because of a candidate’s… Read more »

The Five Biggest Myths about Contract Engineers (and why you shouldn’t believe them)

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Despite the widespread availability of data and facts, myths abound in the workplace. For instance, take the misconception that experienced engineers would rather have a regular, full-time job than work on a contract basis. In fact, nearly 86 percent of independent workers indicate they are highly satisfied or satisfied with their work… Read more »

5 Trade Secrets: Improve Engineering Project Completions by 30-50%

By: Leslie Stevens-Huffman Despite the best efforts of project teams and managers, most engineering projects don’t finish on time. The problem isn’t a lack of planning, but poor execution says Mark Woeppel, founder and president of Pinnacle Strategies International, a management consulting firm that specializes in rescuing troubled projects. “Even the best project plan can’t… Read more »

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