How to Stay Motivated During Your Engineering Job Search

Let’s be honest. No one enjoys searching for a new engineering job. The initial stages of a search can feel exciting, but if it drags on without any offers, or offers that don’t align with your goals and requirements, a search can quickly become disheartening. If you have been looking for a new engineering job and you haven’t found it yet, use these strategies to stay motivated and hold out for the right position.

Take a Week Off

When you’re feeling burned out at work, the best remedy is a vacation. The same is true when you’re feeling burned out in a job search. One week off won’t set you back very far, so if you’re feeling down, step away from your search for a week and focus on activities that energize you.

Try New Approaches

When you come back to your search, don’t rely on the same methods you’ve been using over the last few months. Put some energy into your search by trying new things. If you’ve been relying on job boards, for example, trade them in for social media and in-person networking.

Focus on Hitting Activity Goals

In a job search, the only thing you can control is yourself. You can’t force a hiring manager to review your resume, interview you or hire you. But you can engage in activities that put you one step closer to the job you want.

Instead of getting hung up on your end goal, focus on setting weekly activity goals. Consider goals like applying to five jobs per week, attending three networking events per month, making one new professional connection each week, etc.

Focusing on your activities will keep you moving forward and will provide you with a weekly sense of achievement. The more energy you put into methodically tackling strategic activities, the closer you will get to your end goal.

Work With a Recruiter

Job searches take a lot of time and energy, and if you’re currently employed, burnout is inevitable. One of the best ways to stay motivated and increase the chances you’ll find the job you’re looking for is to partner with an engineering recruiter.

A recruiter that specializes in engineering takes the legwork off your plate, allowing you to better manage your time and your stress levels. They also actively recruit for openings that have not been advertised to the public, connecting you with jobs you would never find on your own. Additionally, recruiters help prepare you for interviews and provide you with feedback afterward so you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie when sitting across from a hiring manager.

If you are a professional looking for engineering job opportunities and your search has stalled, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today.


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