The Benefits of Partnering With an IT Recruitment Firm

One of the most difficult specializations to recruit for in today’s market is technology. IT hiring managers have faced challenges for some time, but things have gotten increasingly difficult over the last year. Thanks to an ever-widening skill gap, rising salaries and near zero unemployment in the IT field, it can take months to find and hire the right candidate.

If you’re struggling to fill critical IT roles at your organization, it’s time to partner with a specialized IT recruitment firm.

The Talent Shortage Isn’t Easing

The skilled IT talent market has always been tight, but today’s market is like nothing we’ve seen in the past. Every talented pro who wants a job, has a job; many talented people have left the traditional job market to consult and contract on specialized projects; salaries are skyrocketing and companies of all sizes struggle to keep up.

An IT recruitment firm can help businesses overcome these roadblocks. An established firm with strong roots in the industry can shorten time to hire while improving the quality of hires – even in a tight market. Unlike internal teams that are spread thin, IT recruiters spend every day developing their pool of active and passive talent, they understand the tech employment market inside and out, and they can help employers bridge critical skill gaps.

An IT Recruitment Partner Reduces Hiring Risk

A bad hire can set a team back significantly, and unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to identify a bad hire until they have been on the job for some time. Working with an IT recruiter can reduce hiring risk in many ways.

First, they can provide you with highly-skilled tech pros on a short-term basis to help with specific projects and initiatives. You can leverage these contract employees to fill gaps while you search for a permanent replacement, or you can use them to control labor costs for specific needs in lieu of a full-time employee. Recruiters can also help you leverage contract-to-hire employees, allowing you to test an employee on the job before extending an offer.

Total Alignment Matters

When it comes to filling tech positions, you must focus on hard skills. However, if you want employees who will make valuable contributions to the team and who will have staying power, it is important to focus on total alignment.

A person who does not mesh well with your culture will not be happy on the job and unhappy employees do not do their best work. This is true whether the employee his permanent or if they are hired for a short-term contract. Working with an IT recruitment firm can help you achieve total alignment. The right partner will learn about your organizational culture, your work environment, the team the new employee will be joining, and more. They use this information to help match candidates who have the hard skills, soft skills and personal success attributes to add real value.

Are You Ready to Form an IT Recruiting Partnership?

At PEAK Technical Consulting, we have a proven track record of helping employers overcome some of their biggest IT hiring challenges, and we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you find talented, reliable tech talent.


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