Stop Engineering Turnover

Stop Engineering Turnover

Turnover is a challenge for almost any organization, and often, the most difficult part of solving the puzzle is understanding why engineers leave their jobs. It is hard to get accurate information out of engineers, even during exit interviews, because professionals don’t want to burn bridges. However, if your organization is suffering from a revolving door of engineering talent, it is necessary to cure the root cause. Here are some strategies to use to stop turnover and boost retention.

Provide Opportunities to Grow

While it’s not true for every engineer you hire, most of them want to grow in their careers and they want to feel challenged in their daily work. Bored engineers won’t stay in one place very long, so it is important to provide opportunities to try new things, work on larger or more complex projects, and take on leadership roles.

Offering opportunities for growth doesn’t have to be a complex or expensive process. Consider cross-training engineers on different functions, mixing up teams who typically work together to build new relationships and dynamics, and developing clear career paths so people understand how to move up the ladder in the organization.

Make Engineers Feel Valued

Employees do not leave jobs, they leave bosses. While personality conflicts are always a possibility, most dissatisfaction with a boss stems from feeling undervalued and underappreciated. If you want to keep engineers loyal, cultivate a culture where leaders, managers and supervisors show appreciation for and provide recognition to hardworking, successful contributors.

Making employees feel valued starts with salary and benefits – underpaying your people is the fastest way to lose talent. Conduct an inventory and align your packages with the rates of your local market. Next, coach people in leadership positions to help them develop attitudes of appreciation and encourage them to create formal recognition programs. Then, focus on promoting people from within whenever possible and encouraging talented engineers to seek new opportunities to learn skills and tackle new projects.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Today, more than ever before, professionals want to achieve work-life balance. We are all being pulled in different directions, forced to choose between our personal lives and our professional success. Your company can improve employee loyalty by helping engineers achieve better balance. Flexible scheduling, remote work opportunities and a generous PTO structure can go a long way to help employees feel like your organization values them and understands they have a life outside of the office.

Do You Need To Hire Talented Engineers?

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