Gaining Experience as a Manufacturing Engineer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers related to manufacturing engineering will grow at an annual rate of around 10 percent through 2026. This is much higher than average growth for all other fields. The expected boom in the industry is driven by serious investment in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Not only are American companies reinvesting in manufacturing, but existing companies are constantly looking for new ways to control costs, improve processes, develop new products and gain a competitive advantage, creating a wealth of opportunity for talented engineers.

Uncovering Manufacturing Engineering Career Opportunities

The future looks bright for U.S. manufacturing, R&D and product engineers. However, uncovering great opportunities is not always easy, even in a booming market. The industry is extremely competitive, and engineers across the country are fighting to land the best jobs and projects. It’s also important to remember that many manufacturing engineering jobs aren’t posted to public job boards, which means finding the right opportunities can be difficult if you don’t have the connections to gain inside information.

Manufacturing Recruiters Give You a Competitive Edge

Manufacturing engineers looking for new career opportunities in product, manufacturing and R&D engineering can gain a distinct competitive advantage by working with a niche recruiter who specializes in the field.

Niche recruiters are important for engineers because their fields are highly specialized. It takes someone with the right knowledge and the right network to help talented candidates succeed. Remember, however, it’s up to you to vet potential recruiters to be sure they truly understand the nuances of manufacturing engineering. Research the engineering recruiting firm they work for to learn about their track record in the industry.

PEAK Technical Staffing is a market leader in manufacturing engineering recruitment. We partner with leading manufacturing employers across the country to help them find top manufacturing, R&D and product engineers. Whether you are relatively new to the field, or you are a seasoned pro looking to advance your career by working on exciting new projects, the recruiters of PEAK can help.

If you are a talented manufacturing engineer and you’re ready to partner with a recruiter who is truly an expert in the field, search our current engineering job openings or contact PEAK Technical Staffing today.


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