Stop Losing Your Top IT Talent To Competitors

Turnover in the tech sector is high and it can cost your company tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity and recruitment costs. While you can’t eliminate all turnover, you can slow it down significantly by giving IT talent what they want and need to thrive.  

Pay Them Well

You can have the best corporate culture in the world and provide the most supportive leadership team in the business, but if you don’t pay your IT talent well, they won’t stick around forever. Talented people know what they are worth in the market and if you are giving them less than their perceived value, it will be easy for a competitor to lure them away. Furthermore, you should reward good work with performance-based raises so employees know that you value their contributions.  

Give Them Room To Work

Micromanagement is a morale killer. It wrecks engagement, damages productivity and fans the flames of negativity. Talented IT pros want and need the space to do their jobs the best way they know-how. If a manager is continually hovering over great employees, those people will seek out an employer that gives them room to breathe.  

Embrace Flexibility  

There are some jobs and tasks that do require tech pros to be in the office. However, there are lots of jobs and tasks that can be completed from anywhere. IT is a stressful field and top talent wants to have good work-life balance. Look for ways to be less rigid about scheduling and offer opportunities for employees to work remotely – even if it’s only a few days per month.  

Promote Strategically From Within

Promoting friends or employees who have been working the longest is a great way to crush morale. Talented tech pros want to advance their careers, so it is important to recognize employees who are ready to take the next step and coach them as they develop. If you don’t promote from within – or if you promote the wrong people – you will lose top talent to competitors that provide merit-based career advancement opportunities.  

Cut Toxic Employees and Managers Loose

If you pay well, offer advancement opportunities, promote from within and give your talent space to shine. Yet, you are frequently losing high performers and getting left with poor performers and negative employees; you may have a culture problem. Toxic managers and toxic coworkers will always cost you top talent. Good people have options and they don’t have to settle for a toxic culture. Take a close look at what’s happening on your teams and if need be, cut the dead weight so top employees can thrive.  


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