Why You Should Consider a Career in the Auto Industry as an Electrical Engineer

It has been an exciting decade for the automotive industry, thanks to the rapid pace of innovation. Fully electric cars have become much more affordable and accessible, and we now share the road with autonomous vehicles.  Engineers have led the way in this innovation, and professionals who are looking for a career in an exciting industry that offers unique opportunities should consider a career in the automotive field.  

In-Demand Electrical Engineering Skills in the Auto Industry

Electrical engineers who have worked in aerospace, aviation and maritime industries can make a relatively seamless transition to the automotive industry. Engineers with backgrounds in other fields can also make the switch, but those pros will need to highlight experience in concepting, designing and building systems.  

Engineers with experience in 3D design, design verification electrical distribution and circuit engineering will also find themselves in high demand in the automotive field 

Training Up To Prepare For A Career in The Auto Industry

Autonomous vehicle development and electric vehicle development are the areas of the automotive industry most hungry for electrical engineering talent.  To break into this field, engineers should develop skills that transfer well. If you want to step into the industry, there are lots of options for upskilling:  

    • Certifications: Look for programs that offer certificates in vehicular electronics or autonomous vehicles. New programs are popping up every year at universities across the country.  
    • Master’s degrees: If you want to add another degree to your belt, seek out a program that offers specialization in automotive systems.  
    • SAE conferences: The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) hosts several conferences throughout the year. These are great opportunities to learn and to network in the industry. 
    • SAE continuing education: SAE also offers continuing education courses for certified engineers interested in growing their careers in the field 

Are You Ready For A Career in the Auto Industry?

Making a change from one industry to another can be exciting, especially when you get involved in a field as innovative as the automotive industry. However, breaking into a new industry can be tough. If you are looking to launch your electrical engineering career in the automotive industry, the engineering recruiters at PEAK Technical Staffing are ready to help. 

Browse our current electrical engineering job openings today. If you don’t see something that interests you, feel free to contact our recruiters to learn more. We often recruit for jobs that are unadvertised, or that have not yet been posted. We look forward to helping you accelerate your auto industry career.  


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