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Tech Identity: Crafting Your Personal Brand for Success in the Digital Realm

If you’re searching for a new job, you have probably already heard about the importance of branding. But you might not fully understand what it means and how to implement it. In essence, your personal brand serves as your mission statement, explaining who you are as a professional. Let’s take a look at how you… Read more »

Tech Talent Trends for 2024: A Guide for Hiring Success

The rapid advancement of technology has put a particularly heavy strain on the tech hiring market. Here are some of the things keeping your hiring team or technical recruiter up at night…and what you can do to remove some of the stress! The Issues Across the board, hiring issues for tech companies generally fall into five… Read more »

City Lights, Engineering Heights: Using Chicago to Attract Top Engineers

Chicago has rapidly gained a well-deserved reputation as a significant player in the tech industry, particularly after the recent opening of the 1871 innovation hub. But this also means that there is stiff competition to attract top engineers. You may need to look further afield to keep your teams fully staffed. Fortunately, the city of… Read more »

Writing a Winning Job Description: Attracting Top Software Candidates

It’s still a job hunter’s market. This means that if you want to attract top software candidates, you’ll have to take proactive steps to stand out from the crowd. One of the best places to start is with your job descriptions. Here are some tips. Determine Your Ideal Candidate Software professionals are human beings with… Read more »

The Benefits of Contract and Contract-to-Hire Opportunities in Engineering

If you’re looking for your next engineering role, you may be primarily focused on full-time work. If so, you’re overlooking a wealth of benefits, especially if you are a new graduate or trying to change your area of focus. Contract and contract-to-hire engineering opportunities are abundant, and there are several good reasons to consider taking… Read more »

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