Why Do I Keep Getting Unqualified IT Candidates?

Hiring IT professionals can be tough, especially if you’re not technically inclined. You may be unsure where to find them, how to recruit them, how to vet them, and even what questions to ask when you interview them. These challenges and others can lead to a sea of unqualified candidates.

Here are some common mistakes employers make when trying to hire IT professionals.

Unintentional Bias

Recruiting the best candidates requires you to cast a wide net. But unintentional bias has a way of slipping into the hiring process. Rewrite your job ads to be more inclusive, steering clear of terms that historically point to white males. Consider using blind hiring software to strip out identifying information such as name and address from resumes, and employ a diverse hiring team.

Not Going to Where They Are

The best IT candidates are typically found in niche online groups, and they may not even be actively job hunting. Develop a strong and attractive online presence, producing the type of content they want to consume and becoming a member of the forums and social media groups where they hang out.

Asking the Wrong Questions

Standard interview questions won’t tell you a lot about whether an IT candidate is right for the position. Try asking more process-oriented questions, such as describing a particular piece of technology in layman’s terms. Also find out what they do to keep their skills up, as well as to stay on top of emerging industry trends.

The Solution

If you’re tech-oriented, you can use additional techniques such as looking into a candidate’s GitHub repository. But the truth is that it may not be worth trying to recruit top IT candidates on your own. Working with a specialized staffing agency such as PEAK takes the pressure off. We know where to find IT professionals and we know how to recruit them. We can present you with a short list of fully qualified and vetted IT candidates who are a good match with your unique organization.

Build A Forward-Thinking Tech Team With PEAK

If you are looking for talented IT professionals who can help your organization achieve its goals in the new year, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how we can help you access cutting-edge talent.



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