You Should Be Asking Your IT Candidates These Questions in Your Next Interview

Interviewing top-tier IT candidates can be tough, especially if you’re not an IT expert yourself. Fortunately, though, there are several questions you can ask to gauge both a candidate’s skills and how well he or she fits with your company culture.

How Do You Keep Your Skills Up to Date?

Tech continues to evolve at lightning speed, so the best candidates are those who continuously refresh their skills. It doesn’t really matter which path a candidate takes, from working on personal projects in their off time to taking certification classes to study blogs and online forums, as long as she is doing something to stay current. You can also use this topic as a jumping-off point to talk about development opportunities within your company.

What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Current Tech Trends?

In a way, this is like asking about the candidate’s favorite baseball team: there isn’t a right answer. But the information you gather can help you understand what the candidate values in new technology, such as user experience or design features. It can also help to ensure that you don’t hire someone who hates the technology that your company is currently working on.

Can You Explain [Vital Technology] in Non-Tech Terms?

IT team members often work hand in hand with people from very different departments, such as art or finance. They may also be called upon to pitch new ideas or to develop solutions for clients with very little technical expertise. Pick a piece of technology that’s important in your business, and ask the candidate to explain it in a non-technical way. Some people struggle with this, while others find that it comes naturally.

How Do You Avoid Burnout?

IT teams often face tough deadlines and long work hours. It’s important to hire people who understand the value of work-life balance and have strong coping mechanisms in place. You can also use this question to spark a discussion about the ways in which the company helps to support a better work-life balance.

Which Online Resources Do You Regularly Use in Your Work?

Nobody knows everything, and the best IT team members understand their own limitations. Candidates who are already connected online to the global IT community will find it easier to hit the ground running with new projects that may test the limits of their skills. Again, it doesn’t matter exactly which resources the candidate names, only that he has some existing connections.

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