How to Choose Between Two Strong Engineering Candidates

Trying to find highly qualified engineering candidates can be a real challenge, but what do you do when you’re too successful? Having two strong options is a blessing, but how do you know which one to select? Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Consider the Long Term

Both engineering candidates may be equally qualified for the current position, but what about the future? Is one more interested than the other in building a long-term career with your company? Does one bring more leadership qualities to the table? If all else is equal, it can be a smart choice to invest in the long-term candidate.

Think About the Fit

Each company’s corporate culture is unique. Do your engineers work hard and play hard? Do they prefer to leave at 5 p.m. on the dot? Is it a high-stress office or more low-key? Are they mostly Type A go-getters, or more laid back? Choose the engineer that seems to mesh the best with your existing team (unless you’re looking to shake things up).

What’s the X Factor?

Everyone has their own personal X factor, that one quality that shines through everything they do. Think about each candidate’s X factor, and what each would bring to the table. When in doubt, choose the engineer that will bring something your team has been lacking.

Bring on Both Candidates

If your workload and budget can handle it, why not bring both candidates on board? It’s possible that one won’t work out in the long run, but even if both do, they are likely to evolve into completely different engineers. This could end up being a huge benefit to your team.

If hiring two engineers is not in the cards right now, stay in touch with the one you don’t choose. You’ll need to hire again at some point, and the runner-up may be just the right candidate for that future position.

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