How to Ensure Your Partnership With an Engineering Recruiter is Successful

Partnering with an engineering recruiter can help ease the strain on your internal HR and management staff. A solid recruiter will help your firm hire faster, access better candidates and control total recruitment costs. However, it is important to remember the word “partnership” when working with an external recruiter. In order to achieve your goals, you must contribute and bring some value to the partnership. Follow this advice to ensure your partnership with an engineering recruiter is successful.

Choose the Right Partner

Take your time and conduct due diligence to ensure that a potential recruiting firm will meet your needs. They should be experts in your field and have a solid track record making successful engineering placements. When you need high-level STEM talent, it doesn’t always pay to choose a generalist. Don’t be shy about asking for references from similar organizations.

Manage Expectations

A good recruiter will help you achieve your goals and shorten your time to hire, but it is necessary to keep your expectations in check. Recruiters are not magicians who can pull your ideal candidate out of a hat on demand. Have an in-depth conversation about realistic expectations based on your requirements, pay rate and the current state of the job market.

Be Free With Information

Over time, as your recruiter learns more about your organization and its culture, they won’t need as much upfront information from you. However, in the early stages of the relationship, you will want to provide as much detail as possible. Share your needs and expectations, be honest about your corporate culture and discuss the personality traits required for a candidate to succeed. The more detail you provide at the start of the engagement, the better prepared your recruiter will be to deliver.

Give and Receive Feedback

Expert engineering recruiters know the market like the backs of their hands. They may offer feedback about your compensation package, expectations, availability of talent and more. Listen with an open mind and accept that feedback as the expert advice it is. Be flexible and open to making adjustments based on that advice.

It is also important to provide feedback to the recruiter about every engineering candidate sent to your door. This will help them solidify their understanding of exactly what you are looking for and will allow them to improve their service over time.

Are You Looking for Top Engineering Talent?

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