Management Skills for IT Pros

Whether you are just starting your IT career, you are poised to get your first managerial promotion, or you are a seasoned tech leader, there are critical management skills everyone should master. These are some of the most important managerial skills that can help carry you through your IT career from entry level to executive level.


Communication seems like a basic skill, but not everyone is blessed with natural, strong communication abilities. It is necessary to develop and refine communication skills throughout your career because it is consistently ranked as a top critical success factor for IT professionals. Communication abilities inform a host of other skills like influencing others, leading others and building relationships. Focus on writing clearly, speaking clearly and listening actively.

Associative Thinking

Associative thinking is the ability to take facts, information and observations from different people and perspectives and use them to develop new solutions to problems. Today, tech projects require teamwork, and people who have the ability to lead teams by gathering every perspective will advance much farther and much faster than those who do not have this ability.


Collaboration is about more than just teamwork, especially when you’re thinking about leadership and management. If you wish to grow your career, it is important to learn how to identify the skills needed to achieve a goal and pull together a diverse team composed of people whose skills and personalities complement one another.


Have you ever gone to a boss with a challenge and they have said, “Well, I guess we need to bag this entire project!” Of course not. There are roadblocks and setbacks on every IT initiative, and while some challenges may seem insurmountable, successful people know how to persist to see projects through to success.

Commitment to Learning

When it comes to your IT career, don’t remain stagnant in your skills. You must keep pace with trends and always be learning new things if you want to remain relevant or hope to advance. Companies don’t always provide ample learning opportunities, so it is important to commit to using your spare time for learning and growth.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

No matter how talented you may be, feedback is essential for your growth as a professional. Learning to accept feedback and act on it will make you a better professional and put you in a position to advance your career. It is also important to learn how to give constructive feedback. Delivering feedback in a way that others can hear and accept is a critical management skill for long-term success.

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