Demand for Software Developer Jobs Expected to Rise

Are you a software developer? Here’s some good news: The demand for your skillset is expected to rise over the coming years. Companies of all shapes and sizes – across virtually every industry – need talented developers to create the software and applications necessary for modern business. From creating and testing computer software to developing mobile applications and designing security infrastructure, the role of a developer in today’s digitized world is simply indispensable.  

Coming out of the pandemic, this is a great position to be in as a software developer. Not every industry rebounded as fast as the IT and digital technology world. You have a highly valuable skillset in high demand from companies in many industries — and the need for software developers is not going away soon.  It’s only growing. 

Software developer jobs offer many advantages to a talented individual like you. And there are various options, from professional IT contract jobs to full-time developer roles and much more. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a software development career. We’ll also look at the job outlook for this field and discuss what kinds of software development jobs are in the highest demand.  

What are the Advantages of a Software Development Career? 

Whether you’re a seasoned software developer with years of experience or just starting out, a career as a software developer has many advantages. 

The pay is good

One of the best things about being a software developer is: You can command great pay. The more in-demand your skills are, the better you can expect to be compensated for them. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean hourly wage for software developers is around $58.00 per hour, a median annual salary of $120,730. And developers in the 90th percentile earn $168,570 per year or more.  

Of course, as is the case in any career, you can make more money the more experience and technical skills you develop. Not only do software developers start out making good money, but they also tend to move upwards from there. If you become a senior software developer or manage a team of developers, you can expect to command an even higher salary commensurate with your experience and talent. 

The skills of a software developer are in high demand

As we’ve already mentioned, the skills of a software developer are in high demand right now. Companies need skilled developers to create, test, and troubleshoot computer and mobile applications. As the world becomes increasingly digital, this need is not going away. Whether it’s a database, a game, a commerce platform, a cybersecurity tool, or any other kind of application or software, industries across the board need this kind of technology developed – and they need the right people in the right seats to do it. 

You can work remotely

If there’s one thing the pandemic showed us, many jobs can be done remotely. Software development is one of them. All you need to do your job is a computer and an internet connection. You can work anywhere in the world or even work while traveling if you’re the nomadic type. 

In today’s work environment, more and more candidates want the ability to work remotely – if not in full, then at least in part. And most companies are willing to hire remote software developers, provided they get the work done quickly and stay in touch. If you’re interested in working remotely, the software development field can facilitate that. 

You can showcase your creativity

Although the software development world is highly technical and involves a specific knowledge base, it’s also a very creative field. As a developer, you’re truly creating something from scratch. You’ll use your imagination and creativity to develop something that helps others. Many companies are looking for software developers whose skill sets go beyond the technical skills needed on paper. Companies want developers who have the ability to think on their feet, to come up with creative solutions to complex problems – and your creativity is just waiting to be showcased with a great software developer job. 

Your skills are transferrable globally.  

Another advantage of a software developer career is that your skills are transferrable across the globe. And while you may not have any interest in working in another country, it’s nice to know that you can go to work for virtually any company. Development languages are universal – ones and zeroes transcend language barriers and geographical borders. Plus, the skills you have as a developer can be extremely beneficial if you’re interested in transitioning into another field, like UI/UX design or project management.  

There are ample career opportunities

You don’t have to worry about job security as a software developer. There are plenty of opportunities out there. You may have heard about the large-scale layoffs in some of the major tech companies – in other career fields, and this might be more alarming. But as a developer, you don’t need to worry. There are all sorts of companies, large and small, that need your skill set. You just might need a little help finding the right openings – and that’s where a IT and technology recruiting partner like PEAK Technical comes in. Our software developer recruiters are here to help you advance your career, so contact us today. 

What is the Job Outlook of a Software Developer in 2023 and Beyond? 

We’ve learned that software developers are in high demand and used by companies across every industry. And the digital landscape of today’s business and commerce worlds is not changing anytime soon. What does that mean for the job outlook of software developers? It’s good.  

According to the BLS, the employment of software developers is expected to grow by an incredible 25% between 2021 and 2031. That’s much faster than the average for all occupations. Over the next decade, it’s projected that more than 160,000 openings for developers will come onto the job market. And remember: The median annual wage for software developers was more than $120,000 in May of 2021. Great pay, more openings, and higher demand mean the job outlook for software developer jobs is in good shape for 2023 and beyond. 

Which Types of Software Developer Jobs are in High Demand? 

If you’re a software developer, you know that this line of work is not necessarily one-size-fits-all. There are different types of software developers out there. Which types are in high demand? To put it simply, all of them.  

Some of the common types of software developers include: 

  • Front-end developers: This kind of developer creates the technology that the end user interacts with on the front end, like a website or mobile app. Front-end developers need to have knowledge of scripting languages such as JavaScript, and experience with web design and other specialties can also be very helpful.  
  • Back-end developers: These developers work on the “engines” that run the programs – they don’t work on the part of the application or software that users interact with, but the behind-the-scenes parts that aren’t seen. Back-end developers might use coding languages like Java or C# and be familiar with database technologies like SQL. 
  • Full-stack developers: The full-stack developer is familiar with both front- and back-end development and can work on everything from the back-end coding that runs programs to the front-end programming that customers interact with. While every type of developer is in high demand in today’s labor market, a full-stack developer is especially sought-after simply because they can do it all.  

Partner with a Software Development Recruiter to Advance Your Career in IT 

Are you a software developer looking for a new opportunity? Partnering with a technical recruiter is a great way to find a job that checks every box. At PEAK Technical, we connect leading candidates with top employers in IT and technology. You can learn more about our information technology job placement services here.   

For more than 50 years, PEAK has been perfecting our recruitment process. Our software development recruiters know what you’re looking for in your next role, and they know how to help you find it.


Contact our team today to get started on your search and grow your career.  


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