A Few Things to Consider if Contemplating a Career Change from Mechanical Engineering

If you are a mechanical engineer looking for a change, you might wonder if you’re even on the right track. After all, engineering is not an easy field to get into. Have you wasted your time and money? Not at all. There are plenty of valid reasons for a mechanical engineer to switch careers. And there’s a variety of options for what to do next. Here are a few things to consider.

Why Change Careers?

The past few years have been tough for everyone, and engineers are no exception. Like anyone else, you might have started to feel professionally burned out. Or maybe your interests have simply changed, or perhaps you are ready for a new challenge. Whatever the reasons, a career change is not only reasonable, but it could reignite your passion while offering a new path for advancement.

What to Do Next?

So where can a mechanical engineer go next? While some people decide to take a leap of faith into a brand-new field that has nothing to do with engineering, others prefer to utilize their mechanical engineering background as a stepping stone. Here are a few ideas.

Another Engineering Field

The basics of engineering are the same across all specializations, making it relatively easy to switch from one area of interest to another. As a mechanical engineer, you may be well suited to change to such fields as civil engineering, maintenance engineering, materials engineering, or even nuclear engineering. Look around to see what’s available and what additional qualifications you may need to obtain.


If you’re willing to go back to school, you could earn a master’s degree in engineering management. This could open up a whole new world of possibilities in the management realm. Those who are born leaders or are simply looking for a new challenge often find management to be an excellent career choice.


Depending on the degree you hold (or are willing to earn) and your state’s requirements, you might be able to teach at the middle school, high school, or even college level. You might focus on mechanical engineering courses, general engineering classes, or even science and technology more broadly.


Engineers are, by definition, problem solvers. Successful entrepreneurship means identifying a problem and then developing a solution for it. If you have an idea for a new product or service, this could be your next career move.

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