How to Tell if Your IT Candidate Will Work as a Team Player

In most modern offices, IT employees work in teams. Often these teams are cross-departmental, requiring IT workers to communicate and collaborate with those who may be very different from themselves. But how can you tell if an IT candidate will be a strong team player? Here are a few ideas.

Check Their Resume

A person’s resume can tell you much more than whether they have the needed technical skills. Dig deeper to find evidence of previous teamwork situations. And remember, the experience doesn’t necessarily have to taken place in the office. Maybe the candidate organized an interdepartmental soccer league or volunteered at a food bank or was president of the theatrical club in college. Use these resume clues to spark conversations during the interview that can give you an idea of how effective the person is as a team player.

Ask Situational Questions

Don’t focus the interview solely on the candidate’s resume. Branch out by asking some situational questions that focus on important teamwork skills. Examples include:

  • How do you manage difficult people?
  • What steps do you take to build consensus within a group?
  • How do you persuade people to accept your ideas?
  • What do you see as the benefits and challenges of developing close friendships at work?

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to any of these questions. But if you ask a few, putting the answers together can tell you a lot about whether the candidate is truly a team player.

Create a Mock Team Situation

Skills-based tasks are an important part of many IT interviews. This gives you the chance to see whether candidates actually have all the skills they claim, as well as if they’re able to think on their feet. But you can also use this opportunity to assess how well they work as part of a team. Rather than simply asking the candidate to perform a solo task, bring in several candidates together (or one candidate plus a few existing team members) and ask them to solve a team-based challenge.

Finding a true team player isn’t always easy. But a strong team spirit is vital in many IT positions. Fortunately, digging deep into resumes, asking situational questions, and creating mock challenges can help you decide whether your candidates work well with others.

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