What Makes a Good Engineering Manager?

Engineering managers must lead and inspire their teams to do their best work every day. Their leadership has a direct impact on how productive, efficient, engaged and successful their people are as they move through a project. So, what traits should you look for to identify a good engineering manager?


Humility can often be misconstrued as weakness, but in reality, someone with humility thinks before acting, acknowledges when they fail, shines a spotlight on others when they succeed and builds connections rather than tearing them down. These attributes all show strength and are much more conducive to management than those of someone with a more egocentric approach.


Empathy is another trait that can be misconstrued as weakness. People often think of empathetic people as pushovers, but there is nothing weak about being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see their viewpoint. Strong managers have this ability, and they take the time to understand where their team members are coming from when they are struggling, if they have a complaint or if they need help with a task or project.

Active Listening Skills

We often think of effective leaders as effective talkers, but exceptional managers don’t simply talk – they listen. Great engineering managers solicit input, information and feedback from their team and use that information to make well-thought-out decisions.


Effective leaders do not micromanage. When someone constantly has their hands in the minutiae of every task, they cannot see the big picture. Strong managers trust their team members to do their jobs well and provide them with the space to do so.

Coaching Ability

Employees need and appreciate a leader who will take the time to coach them through a challenge, or who notices when they are ready for more responsibility and helps them take that next step. Great managers are always great coaches, who step up to help their team members do their best work.


According to Gallup research, only one in three U.S. workers “strongly agree that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days.” People want their hard work and their successes acknowledged, and great managers take the time to thank people for their hard work and recognize employees when someone goes above and beyond to achieve a goal.

Are You Looking for a Great Engineering Manager?

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