Having Trouble Finding the Right Engineering Candidate? Look Internally

It has never been more challenging to find great engineering talent. Between a tight employment market and STEM skill gaps, employers have struggled to find well-matched candidates, and the more specialized and high-level the open role, the more difficult a search becomes. However, by looking internally and promoting from within, companies can find great candidates and control the costs associated with recruitment. When the goal is to fill a higher-level position, it is always worth it to ask yourself whether there are any internal team members who are ready to take the step forward.

Internal Engineering Candidates Save Time

Promoting from within removes the uncertainty that comes with attempting to determine a candidate’s fit. You already know who they are and how they work, and you know how they fit in with the team. Conversely, internal candidates are also familiar with the company. They know processes, procedures and people. The onboarding time for someone promoted from within is cut significantly as it eliminates the orientation process and the unproductive ramp-up time associated with an outside hire.

Internal Engineering Candidates Reduce Time to Hire

Hiring an outside candidate takes time. Depending on the level of the position, the skills required and the market, it can take anywhere from six weeks to six months or more to fill an open engineering role and can cost upwards of 20 percent of the job’s salary. Each day without a critical employee on an engineering team means losing manpower, resources and money – and puts entire projects at risk. When it comes to hiring, time is money. By looking internally, you reduce time to hire for critical roles.

Internal Engineering Candidates Improve Productivity

Promoting from within shows employees you are committed to their development and growth as professionals. Talented engineers want to grow their careers, and those who see a path for growth with your organization will remain more loyal and will be more productive.

Beware the Pitfalls

Promoting from within has distinct advantages, but it also has drawbacks. It can lead to a lack of innovation, resistance to change and can perpetuate old ways of doing things. In order to prevent the perpetuation of stale ideas and stagnation, a firm should hire both internal and external candidates, depending on the role and the availability of talent in the market.

Any time you promote from within, you will have to fill the vacancy left by the elevated employee. If you are looking for talented engineers who can help your organization achieve its goals, contact the experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today to learn how can help you improve your hiring process.


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