How to Find the Right Civil Engineering Position for You

The right professional position can be fulfilling and rewarding, and in the civil engineering industry, this can be even more so given the scope and scale of the work civil engineers do. To find the best fit, there are several things a candidate can do to plan and prepare for the future of their careers.

Research Companies to Find the Right Fit  

As with any search, it is critical to research a wide variety of firms. Start with looking at their current clients and projects. Do their current projects fall in line with your background and career goals? Be sure to broaden your scope and look at firms both large and small. Where will you be able to make the biggest impact? A little research can go a long way in ensuring a good match. Also, today’s interviewers expect candidates to have done company research, so doing this will aid in the interview process down the road.

Once an engineer finds the right organization, there are several things they can do to ensure a proper introduction.

Preparation for the Future

Brush Up Your Portfolio

Apply the company research to your portfolio. Highlight examples that specifically speak to an employer’s current work and needs. This portfolio brush-up will allow employers to immediately see how your experience and skills will benefit their organization. Also, by executing this strategy it will demonstrate to prospective employers you have done your “homework” and are knowledgeable about their corporate body of work.

Create an Engaging Resume

Resumes are usually an employer’s first introduction to a candidate. Ensure your resume not only list past jobs and titles, but also relevant examples of applicable experience. Also, make sure you provide results and outcomes of personal performance. For example, how many of the projects you worked on came in on time and under budget? These data points speak much more strongly than qualitative language describing the projects you worked on. Providing these highlights creates a dynamic, engaging resume that will surely move you to the top of the recruitment pile.

Provide Examples of Communication Skills

While important in many industries, communication skills are absolutely vital to a successful civil engineer. A civil engineer who can effectively communicate with not only their immediate team, but with vendors, project managers and clients can prevent miscommunication which can lead to extremely costly mistakes. For this reason, candidates should highlight examples of communication skills in their resume and interviews. Providing communication examples is a sure way to make a candidate stand out from the pack.

Planning Ahead

Planning and preparation are key to finding the right civil engineering position. When the time comes to find the right position, it is a good idea to consult a professional recruiter. PEAK Technical Staffing not only provides its candidates with access to the right opportunities they work with the candidates to help them prepare for those opportunities. The examples of PEAK success can be seen in the responses of previous engineering candidates. For example, engineering candidate, Nga L., states “PEAK staff deliver great follow up and fast responses.” Additionally, Steven K., engineering candidate, felt he was “treated well and any questions that [he] had were answered quickly.”

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About PEAK

PEAK Technical Staffing can help connect you with employers and opportunities that leverage your engineering expertise and advance your career. We partner with employers nationwide who are looking for people with your skills and experience. Since 1968, PEAK has helped engineering professionals find jobs that offer flexibility, challenges and rewards.

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