Why HR Struggles Finding Top IT Talent

HR teams have been struggling to find top IT talent for some time. It’s easy to blame the skill gap or your local market. However, the hard truth is, if you aren’t finding qualified candidates for an open tech role, the problem may be your search process itself. Traditional hiring processes are ineffective, and if your HR team has difficulty, it’s time to try a new strategy.

The Limitations of Traditional Hiring

A traditional hiring process is simple. HR posts an open position on internet job boards and waits for qualified candidates to apply. In today’s tight market, this process ignores one critical fact: The best and the brightest are already employed and are not spending their free time browsing job boards.

This means your search is doomed from the start. While it is possible to find a qualified candidate this way, your pool is limited. You are much more likely to get a deluge of applications from unqualified people or those who have trouble holding down a job. Finding the best and brightest requires an overhaul of the traditional approach.

Bringing Corporate IT Recruiting into the Future

Companies that try to hire retroactively once a position is open will always lose the war for talent. If you want to attract top candidates, HR has to spend a lot of time connecting with passive candidates. This means proactively networking, building connections online and in person, utilizing social media and maintaining relationships over time.

A modern hiring process must also move much more quickly than most companies can manage. A slow process that involved endless call backs, a lag in communication and a lengthy decision process will cost you talent. If it takes you six weeks to decide, odds are your first-choice candidate will be snapped up by another company.

Overhauling your corporate hiring process is difficult, especially for HR teams already strapped for time and resources. Fortunately, there is a way to modernize your approach immediately and start improving the quality of your IT hires.

A Tech Recruiting Firm Improves Results, Quickly

There is an endless number of IT recruiting firms in the market, and they all make lofty claims. It is important to talk to any potential strategic IT staffing firm about their process, their candidate pool and their results before committing to a relationship. You want to be certain the firm uses a variety of modern tools to continually build their candidate pool and they can make strong matches quickly based on both skill needs and cultural alignment.

At PEAK Technical Consulting, we are on the cutting edge of modern recruiting. We use a variety of tools and technologies to ensure our clients find the right candidates, quickly. We have a proven track record of helping employers overcome some of their biggest IT hiring challenges, and we invite you to contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your tech hiring goals.

About PEAK

PEAK Technical Consulting is a leading provider of IT and technical talent, offering contract staffing, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions throughout the United States. With nearly fifty years of technical recruiting experience, we are committed to delivering real value to our clients by providing the resources, support and solutions they need to succeed.

PEAK consistently delivers top talent for even tough-to-fill positions.


If you are looking for skilled, experienced IT professionals to help your business grow and prosper, contact the IT recruiting experts at PEAK Technical Staffing today.


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