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Ready to take on your next engineering challenge? Have your eye on a top company that you know you’d be a great fit for, and can’t get in front of the hiring manager? Odds are, we know someone. PEAK can help connect you with the opportunity that will complement your current expertise, equip you with additional skills and prepare you for future endeavors. See what we have to offer.


There is no shortage of engineering staffing agencies and engineering staffing companies out there. They’ll all tell you that they provide the best engineering staffing services. But do they have a track record of proven success spanning nearly fifty years? At PEAK, we are technical recruiting specialists. We don’t stop at finding solutions that meet just your technical requirements, we work closely with you to make sure that every highly qualified candidate we bring to you fits your company’s needs and culture.

PEAK delivers on time, every time, with professionalism, trust and reliable service.

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PEAK is eager to comply with our very stringent requirements and do so with professionalism and accuracy.  Their rates are very competitive.

Gina R.

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