Why You Should Consider Southern California for Your IT Career

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just starting out, you already know that IT is in heavy demand across the country. So why would you choose Southern California as opposed to another part of the nation? Here are just a few things that set the area apart.

The Weather

Are you looking for a place that’s not too hot and not too cold? It’s tough to beat Southern California! You’re looking at temperatures that rarely top 85 degrees in the height of summer but typically bottom out at around 50 in the winter. And sunshine is abundant all year long, with only the occasional rainy day. If you get tired of the sunny winter weather, though, don’t worry. You can be on the slopes at your choice of ski resorts in about three hours of drive time.

The Beaches

What good would all that sunshine be if you couldn’t hang out on the beach—more than 70 miles of it, to be exact? Southern California’s legendary beaches have been voted among the best in the world. It won’t take you long to figure out which beach you like best for surfing, partying, or spending time with that special someone.

The Nightlife

Want to rub elbows with celebrities in fancy cocktail dresses? Or is a quiet evening of poetry readings at a coffeehouse more your speed? Do you prefer theater or opera or rock concerts? Whatever your style of nightlife, Southern California has a plethora of options for you to enjoy.

The Alone Time

Of course, we all need to get away now and then. From Joshua Tree National Forest to the Mojave National Preserve, you’ll find gorgeous hiking spots throughout Southern California that are perfect for some downtime.

The Tech Hub

Of course, Southern California is well known for its vast tech community. As an IT professional, you’ll be able to choose from innumerable positions at small startups or well-established tech companies. There’s always the chance to learn more, do more, and innovate your way to a thriving career.

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