How To Prevent Candidate Ghosting

You might think of ghosting or suddenly cutting off contact with no explanation as something that only happens in dating relationships. But it’s becoming more and more common among job applicants, especially during this time of major worker shortages. You can’t prevent it altogether. But there are some active steps you can take to reduce your risk of ghosting by prospective IT hires.

Learn the Candidate’s Motivations

Find out why the person applied for the position or responded to the recruiter. This will help you tailor your future conversations while giving you something to refer back to later.

While you’re at it, ask for the top three things the candidate is looking for in a new role. If you’re unprepared to offer those things, you can amicably part ways rather than stringing each other along through the entire hiring process.

Ask About Deal Breakers

Everyone has a few non-negotiables for their next position. Maybe the candidate is only interested in working remotely. Perhaps she wants a role that offers at least 25% travel, or maybe she is unwilling to travel for work at all. If the position doesn’t align with the candidate’s deal breakers, it simply isn’t the right fit.

Discuss Salary

Gone are the days of companies moving prospects through three or four interviews and then making an offer before raising the topic of money. With so many companies searching for workers, those that have a frank discussion about money early on in the process are more likely to keep candidates moving through the process.

Pitch the Company

Today’s IT candidates can afford to be choosy, so expect them to screen you while you’re screening them. So pretend you’re raising money and give an elevator pitch during the interview. Briefly explain the company’s history, mission, and vision. Describe its culture and explain why the candidate should take the position.

Ask About the Candidate’s Current Role

Find out whether the candidate is really committed to changing jobs by digging a bit deeper into why they’re job hunting. Ask what would happen if the candidate’s current employer tried to get them to stay. This will help you sort out people who are definitely interested in a new role from those who are just testing the waters and thus more likely to ghost you.

When making a job offer, refer back to the candidate’s motivations and the top three things they want in a new role. If you’re prepared to offer those things, say so directly. Then ask if there’s anything else they need from you in order to make a decision. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to get a verbal commitment, which makes ghosting less likely to occur.

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