What Kind of Culture Do Engineers Look For?

When building an engineering team, company culture matters. A positive culture fosters collaboration, efficiency, productivity and support. A great culture also offers a competitive advantage when recruiting new engineers. So, what kind of culture do engineers typically look for?

Supportive Independence

No one likes to be micromanaged and no one enjoys working for a company that holds too many counterproductive meetings or applies restrictions on autonomy. Engineers want to be respected for their expertise, they want to work for organizations that have confidence in their abilities and they want to be given the room to do their jobs independently. This means offering support and providing direction, but also staying out of the team’s way so they can do their jobs the best ways they know how.

Focus on Feedback

Supportive independence works when leaders prioritize feedback. Offering feedback once a year during performance reviews can be counterproductive because talented engineers want to know how they are doing in real time. As scientists, they naturally want to optimize their performance, and that requires feedback. It pays to develop a culture that fosters ongoing feedback so engineers can hear firsthand what they are doing well in the eyes of leadership and areas where they can improve.

Educational Opportunities

Engineers have to keep their skills sharp and they must evolve with changing technology. Top professionals want to work for companies that provide opportunities to learn and grow. Perks like sponsored conference attendance, tuition assistance, on-the-job training, mentoring and more can help firms attract and retain great engineers while ensuring their existing team stays ahead of the curve.


While engineers must adhere to strict standards, they don’t necessarily have to approach every project or problem in the exact same way. Engineering is a science, which means there are proven ways of doing things, but innovation is always possible. Talented people want the freedom to try new approaches and to test methods outside the usual way of doing things. Foster a culture of innovation to build a thriving team.

Work-Life Balance

Overtime and burnout are common in the engineering field. More than ever before, engineers are prioritizing a healthier work-life balance. Many adults are raising children, caring for aging parents, juggling personal and social projects or all of the above. Companies that understand their employees have lives outside of work will always attract strong performers. Options like flexible schedules, telecommuting, remote work, job sharing and more can help employees achieve better balance.

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