What a Telecommunications Engineer Looks for in Your Company

Finding and hiring top telecommunications engineers in the current market is a challenge. In a competitive landscape, it is important to understand exactly what candidates want from a company. Engineers can be picky when it comes to choosing opportunities, and talented people won’t make a change unless all their needs are met. While every candidate will have unique priorities, here are some of the most important factors telecommunications engineers look for when weighing a new employer and a new opportunity.

Competitive Salary

While money isn’t the only factor that candidates weigh, it is an important factor. Companies that offer significantly less than the market rate will always struggle to find talent. Learn the averages for your area and make sure your salaries fall in line. It is also wise to have salary conversations with your top candidates so you aren’t playing a guessing game when it comes time to craft an offer.

Comprehensive Benefits

Benefits are almost equally important to salary when it comes to weighing offers. Engineers want to see basics like health insurance, a 401(k) and paid time off. If those are the basics that you offer, make sure they are worth the employees’ while and be willing to negotiate with new engineers who may want more vacation time than you offer. It is also wise to offer other benefits that people truly need and utilize in today’s market like wellness benefits, child care credits, paid maternity and family leave, etc.

Work-Life Balance

There has been renewed focus on work-life balance thanks to technology. Tech has allowed people to work from anywhere, at any time, and employers who force employees to stay shackled to a desk for 8-plus hours a day are behind the times. Today, candidates want to know they have some flexibility to work from home or work nontraditional hours that suit their family schedule.

Opportunities to Grow

Talented telecommunications engineers want to continue to build their skills and advance their careers. If you hope to attract top talent, it is necessary to invest in career development for your engineers. Provide them with opportunities to learn, reimburse them for classes, seminars or conferences, offer mentoring with senior engineers and map out paths that junior engineers can take to move forward in their careers with your organization.

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